My After Festival Cleanse


Summer vacation is over, but the festival season isn’t yet. Last weekend I went to a small, cosy, family friendly and very folky festival near my own house. I have been going there for the past 4 years and it’s something I will continue doing for years to come. Celtic folk music is something I can really enjoy.

After a weekend of being outdoors and sitting at warm campfires, I always feel like I’m dirty. Even though I have the luxury of going home to sleep every night and being able to take a nice shower every morning. My face looks a bit worn of the lack of sleep and my pores are wide open from being outside. It’s time for a good cleanse.


I do facials a few times a month, but this is the special one I do after going to a festival, being on a trip or spending a lot of time outdoors. It’s nothing too special, but I wanted to share it with you anyway😀


Do excuse my sheep like facial expression. The monday after is my day to get back to normal. You know, getting sober, sleeping in late and trying to get yourself ready to go to work the day after again.

I start with prepping my face by wiping it with a cotton pad and some rose water. That soothes my skin and gets some of the dirt off.

I wet my nose and put a nose pore strip on.

Then I mix some green clay powder with a peel off mask. In this case I took one with tea tree and witch hazel in it. Spread it over my face and let it dry.


Because I mixed in the green clay with the peel off mask, it doesn’t come off as a normal peel off mask would do. It kind of crumbles into little bits. Easier to take off in my opinion and less painful when you do get it in your hair/brows.


Then I took a nice, long and hot shower. Washed my hair with a purifying shampoo to get all the ashes and debris out. Campfires cough up a lot of it. I scrubbed my body and I used a gently soap for my face.

After my shower I relaxed for 20-30 minutes in the sofa with a moisturizing sheet mask on my face. This helps to restore the moisture to my face.

After the sheet mask I take off my face again with some rose water and apply my regular moisturizer.

What do you do after a long, exhausting weekend of partying at a festival ?

Be Happy !!!



Shop ’till you drop – Primark Shoplog

Hi there🙂

In the spirit of my previous blog post I’m going to try and write posts that I should have written ages ago. Starting today with a little haul I did at the Primark.

Last month I went to Ghent with a friend, we (ofcourse) ended up at the Primark for the spending of the money. Take a look what I bought.


  • Pair of burgundy red sneakers – €8
  • 3 pack  Disney socks – €3.5
  • 3 pack sport socks – €3
  • 7 pack socks – €3.5

Who can pass up such a cute Disney socks ?! I’m such a fan of Thumper😀  The sports socks I bought because they have an extra cushioned bottom, so it feels like walking of cotton wool. Actually, I should not have bought the sneaker, because I already bought a kaki, a black and a patterned pair just before summer. Burgundy spoke to me, so I got them anyway :p


  • Skull tank top – €3
  • Dream catcher t-shirt – €3
  • Mickey Mouse t-shirt – €6

Last time I was at the Primark, I passed for the skull tank top, but this time I could not resist. The other shirts I just liked a lot.


  • Set of 2 balcony bra’s – €12
  • 4 pack shorts – €4.5
  • 4 pack hipsters – €7
  • Green/grey plunge sports bra
  • Jeans look plunge sports bra – €7

I already had a sports bra from Primark, so I wanted a few more because they are very comfy. The cashier didn’t ring up the green/grey one, so cha-ching for me. Although I haven’t had good experiences with the regular bras from Primark, I did want to try the balcony ones. This shape of bra fits me better. I don’t have to worry about my ladies jumping out.


  • 2 jars of sugared almonds scented candles – €4 each
  • Jar of stay sweet scented candle – €4
  • Tin of sea salt/lavender scented candle – €4.5

Do I need to explain ? Candles, scented candles … something hardly any woman can go without I suppose😀 The sugared almonds scented ones are incredible !!!

I also bought a jeans vest (€15), but I forgot to take a picture of it (oops).

What did you buy at the Primark ?

Be Happy !!!



Putting the ‘PRO’ in Procrastination


It’s been over a month since I posted a blog piece and there have been a lot of times that I didn’t blog for a while. Nothing serious happened, it’s just me. Every day I find other things to so, so I don’t have to blog. Yes, I’m a PROCRASTINATOR !!!😳


Bobble – Make Water Better

Hi there🙂

Some of you might know that I’m a person that is trying to be aware of her impact she has on nature and the environment. Even if it’s only a little. I’m not an environmentalist or anything, nor am I a green person. I just try to adjust some little things in my life that help cutting down on either waste or injustice against animals or nature. If you want to read how I’m trying to cut down on plastic waste and also save you a lot of money ? Continue reading this blog🙂

DSCN8780 More

#ProjectEmptyBloggers – 3month overview

Hi there🙂

It’s been 3 months already that we’ve started #ProjectEmptyBloggers. Together with a few other bloggers we started with a lot of courage, but hardly any really pushed trough. To me that’s a little shame, but it’s alright. Life does get in the way of these things.

I saved up all the products I used over the last 3 months and got the idea to not make pics of them, but to do a little (long) video for you🙂 I would suggest you grab something to drink and a little snack. Sit yourself down and enjoy !!!

If you can’t see the video, please click here.

What did you use up last month ?

Be Happy !!!


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