My After Festival Cleanse

Hello 🙂

Summer vacation is over, but the festival season isn’t yet. Last weekend I went to a small, cosy, family friendly and very folky festival near my own house. I have been going there for the past 4 years and it’s something I will continue doing for years to come. Celtic folk music is something I can really enjoy.

After a weekend of being outdoors and sitting at warm campfires, I always feel like I’m dirty. Even though I have the luxury of going home to sleep every night and being able to take a nice shower every morning. My face looks a bit worn of the lack of sleep and my pores are wide open from being outside. It’s time for a good cleanse. More


Used – Emptied – Discarded (June 2015)

Hello all 🙂

I’m late with my monthly empties. Wait here come the excuse … I’m working for school, a lot. I have exams in August, because I didn’t do them in June. So I need to up my game a lot and work, work, work my ass off !!! I took some time of the schoolwork to present you with my empties 😀 Here we go !!!

DSCN6971 More

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