Beautiful coloured hair – Cattier Paris Shampoo for coloured hair (sulfate free)

Liever in het Nederlands lezen ?


My hair has been coloured non-stop for the better part of 5 years now. Red, green, blue, black, purple and red again, you can imagine it I guess 😉 But coloured hair can look like straw of look pretty dead if it doesn’t get the right treatment. Finding the right shampoo is a good start.



A Breath Of Fresh Air – Cattier Whitening Toothpaste With Siwak Extract

Hi there,

Finding a toothpaste that cleans my teeth, keeps them ‘white’ (I don’t have pearly white chompers), keeps my breath fresh and doesn’t make me gag because of the taste is hard for me. Personally I’m not a big fan of mint. It’s a flavour I don’t like very much, so finding a toothpaste that has a mild or light mint taste, that does all I require of it, is hard.

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