Beautiful coloured hair – Cattier Paris Shampoo for coloured hair (sulfate free)

Liever in het Nederlands lezen ?


My hair has been coloured non-stop for the better part of 5 years now. Red, green, blue, black, purple and red again, you can imagine it I guess 😉 But coloured hair can look like straw of look pretty dead if it doesn’t get the right treatment. Finding the right shampoo is a good start.



Amanprana – Rudolf!

Hi there 🙂

The weather here is getting very very cold lately, they even predict snow later this week, brrrr. I’m not a big fan of snow. It makes all bad drivers stand out and cause accidents and such. On the other hand is snow fantastic to take walks in, I love how fresh snow snaps under my boots ^^ With cold weather come colds and stuffed noses. It’s a real pain in the ass when you wake up in the morning with a blocked nose, a deep (manly) voice, a snot filled heavy head and maybe a little cough.

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Amanprana – Razoli

Hello all 🙂

It’s been a week again since I blogged. I have been enjoying the nice weather we have here lately 😉 Sometimes taking a little time of is needed for me. Who doesn’t love a little time off from school, work and even hobbies ?!

It’s time again for me to review a wonderful product by Amanprana/Amanvida. I have reviewed a couple over the past few months and I hope they will let me review some more 🙂 Amanprana – Shangri-La Arac Serum, Amanprana – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Amanprana – Mentha Mouth Oil. Today I will be reviewing the Amanprana – Razoli.

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Make or Break ??? – Forever Living Aloe Products

Hey all 🙂

When I first announced in the end of April that I would do a natural May month, I got contacted by a lovely lady. She explained to me that she worked for a company that makes products with Aloe Vera. I was using Aloe Vera at the time (and I still am) for dry patches in my hair, as hair mask and to use on my face and body as an after sun lotion. We talked over the phone and since I was a little curious, we decided to meet up. That didn’t go as smooth as we though (lot of stuff kept happening), but last week we finally met up 🙂

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Amanprana – Menta Mouth Oil

Hi there 😉

Like the past two months I received something from Amanprana to test for my blog. I never expected them to keep sending me e-mails to test things, but they do and I love it. Thanks to them I’m totally getting into a more natural way of living. I do sometimes choose the organic/natural stuff over the stuff I used to use. I think that is a huge step forward for me. This month I had the privilege to test the Amanprana Mouth Oil in the scent Menta. I never hard of mouth oil before, so I was pretty curious what it would do.


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