Living with migraines – 5 methods to stop an attack.

Liever in het Nederlands lezen ?

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In this blog I want to get right into it.



Putting the ‘PRO’ in Procrastination


It’s been over a month since I posted a blog piece and there have been a lot of times that I didn’t blog for a while. Nothing serious happened, it’s just me. Every day I find other things to so, so I don’t have to blog. Yes, I’m a PROCRASTINATOR !!! 😳


The Power Of Makeup – The Challenge

Hija πŸ™‚

I want to say thank you to NikkieTutorialsΒ to do this challenge and making it a full on hit on all social media. Women from all over the world are sharing your video and doing the challenge as well !!! I totally agree with what you say about girls being ashamed to do their makeup. For me personally it’s because I like to look good and sometimes because I’m insecure about the way I look. Luckily I’m surrounded by girls (online) that are just as crazy or even crazier about makeup than I am. They are a great support. Thank you ladies !!!

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The Healthy Food Corner – Cottage Pie

Hello all πŸ˜€

I’m super excited to be sharing a recipe today. Being on a diet isn’t always easy. You sometimes have to be creative with food to still make it enjoyable. Kevin and I have a few standard recipes we work with and we make variations on them, but you can’t eat the same thing (but different) every single week, can you ? A while ago we bought one of Jamie Olivers cookbooks and found some recipes that we like, but they are not your every day standard recipes. Most of them need special things, like fresh herbs. In our house we don’t (can’t) keep fresh herbs, because we have herb eating cats :p I brought herbs several times, you know those in a little pot of dirt, but they get eaten every time.



Nature cares for you – May month, Nature month

Hello all πŸ™‚

Because I got into natural (care)products lately, I want to do myself and nature a favour. I want to try to use all natural products (or as natural as possible) for my body, hair and face care, for the whole month of May ! It’s going to be a total new experience for me, because I’m not used to always use natural products.

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