Beautiful coloured hair – Cattier Paris Shampoo for coloured hair (sulfate free)

Liever in het Nederlands lezen ?


My hair has been coloured non-stop for the better part of 5 years now. Red, green, blue, black, purple and red again, you can imagine it I guess 😉 But coloured hair can look like straw of look pretty dead if it doesn’t get the right treatment. Finding the right shampoo is a good start.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product to review. The doens’t influence my opinion or findings at all.

A few weeks ago on facebook, I won a contest to test the new sulfate free shampoo from Cattier Paris. Ik had the choice between the one for coloured hair and the one for fine hair. I went for the coloured hair one.


When I got the package with the shampoo, I immediately was sold. The packaging, even though I’m not a pink girl, really speaks to me. The bottle itself I like a lot. It’s something different then a standard round bottle. The bottle contains 250ml shampoo.


The shampoo is slightly yellowish en very see through. The scent is fresh and also a little sweet. I smell oranges and cherries. That is how I experience the scent.

What does 0% solfate mean ?

0% sulfate or sulfate free means that this shampoo doens’t contain sulfates as SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate / Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate) or ALS(Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate). This are just a couple examples of sulfates. In Belgiun and the Netherlands SLES is the main active ingredient in shampoo. Sulfates can cause dryness and irritation for certain people.

Sulfate free shampoo is good for people who have a dry or sensitive scalp or dry hair. People with a greasy scalp of who use a lot of styling products can experience that these shampoos work less, because talc and silicons are harder to wash away.


Cattier says:

‘The Cattier sulfate-free Colour Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair while preserving the long-lasting glossy colour. Its rice extract active ingredient, rich in amino acids and peptides, protects, repairs and strengthens the hair fiber to revive the colour, giving a silky feel. Colour remains intense and radiant, hair is soft and shiny.’

My opinion:

I’ve used the shampoo 4 times since I received it. I had just coloured my hair red again when it arrived. The ideal moment to test. The colouring I use is semi-permanent, so it will wash out over time, no matter what. Red is already a hard colour to maintain and keep nice for a long time.

After 4 washes my hair is still as pretty and vibrant red as the day I dyed it. It is soft, glossy and comb trough very well. That’s something that I didn’t have with my regular shampoo. But that one wasn’t specific for coloured hair. I used it because it irritated my scalp less than other shampoos.

Because of the Cattier shampoo my scalp itches and flakes a lot less than before.

I’m very satisfied with this shamoo and testing it. I’m convinced that when this bottle runs out, a new one will find its way to my bathroom closet 🙂

What shampoo do you use ?

Be Happy !!!



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