Living with migraines – 5 methods to stop an attack.

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Hi there 🙂

In this blog I want to get right into it.

My name is Bunnie and I suffer from migraines. Ever since my mother died 9 years ago, I suffer from tension headaches, migraines and just recently also from cluster headaches. How they originated, no doctor can tell me. These pains are a pain to live with (pun not intended), but if you know how to try and make the attacks bearable or even stop them, it’s a little less hard.

DISCLAIMER: The methods I describe work for me personally. I tested them out and found they are good. Everybody is different and it’s possible these methods don’t work for you.


1. Darkness, silence and sleep 

When I have a migraine attack, the first thing I want is a dark and silent room. I close all the blinds and everything that can make noise gets turned of or goes on silent.

Migraines make you sensitive to light and sound. Everything looks brighter, sounds louder. During an attack I can hear a mouse walking 3 doors down. Figure of speech. That is how good I hear in those moments. My boyfriend finds it annoying, because when I’m in pain he can’t watch tv without me asking to put it the volume down so far he can barely hear it, but it still sounds to me like they are yelling through a megaphone, right into my ear.

A dark(ened) room can help you strain your eye less, which helps with the pain. Otherwise you push yourself to see. A dark room also can help you to sleep. Sleeping helps your body to relax and by doing that your migraine can go down or disappear completely.


2. Cold water

After I had a few heavy migraine attacks, that lasted for a few days, my boyfriend searched for a household remedy that could help me to make these attacks bearable. He came across this one.

Take a big bowl or basin of cold water and a lot of ice cubes. (As you can see, I use real ice cubes and reusable plastic ones as well.) Place your hands into the water and open and close your fists slowly. Do this until you feel the pain going away.

This method makes me calm and automatically the pain gets less because I don’t focus on it that hard anymore. I like to sit on the floor when I use this method. The cold water makes your blood vessels constrict, constricting the bloodflow.


3. Keeping your head cool

A few weeks ago I came across these cooling gel patches online. Originally they are intended for soothing a kids fever (adults too) without medication. They also work perfectly for migraines. Often a cool compress is recommended  to ease a migraine, gel patches work the same way. You just don’t have to put them in the refrigerator for a few hours until they are cold enough. You just take them out of their packaging, cut them to size if needed and stick them to your forehead.


Like so 😀

They keep in place and you can walk around freely. They keep your forehead cool for up to 8 hours. I use them often, for normal head aches and fever too. Sleeping with them goes perfectly.


4. Essential oils

Something I use a lot, even on normal days, is essential oils. A drop essential oil works a charm for me. When I have a migraine attack I love to use eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and orange oil on my pillow. Sleepbalm helps me sleep better, as does lavender spray.

I don’t know why this scent mix works for me, because when I have a migraine there are things I can’t stand to smell. Lots of things stink or just are way to potent. This mix does the trick for me. I know lavender, orange and rosemary help to sooth and relax. Eucalyptus opens your sinuses. Migraines block my sinuses.


5. Medication

If nothing else works or I’m in a situation where I need relief as soon as possible, I take medication. It’s been years since I took preventive medication because they only made it worse. Now I only take painkillers. I have my prescription Sumatriptan and over the counter painkillers like Excedrin. I do try and minimize the amount of painkillers I use. Unfortunately, on migraine days, I resemble a pill popping junkie that can’t go without.

As I stated earlier in the disclaimer, these methods won’t work for everybody. Where cold helps for me, heat can work for someone else. Everyone is different.

How do you deal with migraines ? What helps you to stop attacks ?

Be Happy !!!


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  2. GIGI
    Oct 11, 2016 @ 14:04:31

    The perks of having a chronicle pain is that you really know how to deal with it! It’s irony, but so effective. Unknown Deaseses origins expanded, because of the modern life and the lifestyle. I am pretty sure you have suffered a lot in order to find methods that works for you, and I hope this post is going to help many people who are trying to find a way out of migraine. Thorough information, they covered many way to attack back.

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