PROJECT EMPTY – My Experience

Hey there 😀

#ProjectEmptyBloggers is nearing it’s start date and if you aren’t convinced that you want  to take part of it, I want to try to persuade you to change your mind 😉

From mid December until my birthday a week and a half ago I did my own personal PROJECT EMPTY. The concept was the exact same as the one for #ProjectEmptyBloggers. Take some products and use them up. You can read the full concept again here.

project end1

Since I have a little hoarding problem it wasn’t really hard to find the products to do PROJECT EMPTY with. I really had a ton of stuff.

My personal experience:

I feel kind of liberated. This project was the first step in the good direction for me. A sort of therapy if you like. Looking back on the whole 3 months I found out that I was reluctant in the beginning to empty some products, but as the months progressed it got better. There was a feeling of relieve and happiness once a products got finished.

project end3

These are all the products I really finished to the last drop. Ow wait, that is a lie 😳 The little container under the deodorant isn’t empty, but I know now why it was standing in the back of the closet, gathering dust. I don’t like it at all and it has to go. Not all products were a walk in the park to use up. Some of them just took ages or were hateful to use. All these empties will either be recycled, binned or re-used.

project end6

During those 3 months I used a lot more things than I originally put in my PROJECT EMPTY box. Most of those things were already in use in the shower or in my every day routine/life and I didn’t feel the need to put them in the project. Just because I was using them.

project end8

There is not significant signs that these two palettes have been used, only a little powder dust. They don’t look as pristine anymore as they did before PROJECT EMPTY. Although, I didn’t use them as much as I should have 😦 They are going back into my makeup drawer to use more later 🙂 No I will not forget about them 😉

project end11

Some products didn’t really get a good use. I believe I didn’t use the BB cream at all. I kind of switched to powder foundation (oops) I’ll give these products a second chance later, because they deserve to be used as they should !!!

project end7

Not all the things I selected got used up. Most of them at least got a good use out if them and that was also part of the goal. The things in the previous picture are coming along with me on #ProjectEmptyBloggers to get used up. I will be sorry to see them go. They are pretty far along and normally I would put them in the closet and only look at them. Now I don’t feel the need to do that anymore. If I want to use them again, I’ll buy them again in due time. Given they weren’t limited editions or discontinued 😉

project end12

The rest of the huge stack facial masks and samples I selected is also coming with me on #ProjectEmptyBloggers. Slowly but surely they are getting used. These are only a few of the big collection I have of them.

My big conclusion:

I feel a lot happier after seeing my stash going down. My boyfriend is a lot happier too. He was fed up with me hoarding and buying more stuff that I would (normally) never use. It’s nice to have some more room in my closets to put stuff other than my stashes. Another plus is that I got into a little cleaning frenzy and got throwing old stuff out and cleaning (and organizing) whatever I did keep. 😀 Doing this PROJECT EMPTY also made me a little sad. I had to face my problems and admit to myself (big time) that I have a hoarding problem that is bigger than I ever dared to admit. My crazy spending also got to my attention. Now I’m able to say NO to spending, although I have the occasional relapse. That’s something I need to fix still, but it’s like with every addiction. You do great, fall of the wagon, do even better and get over it ^^  So all in all I think this project got a positive effect on me 😀 


So if you are thinking now that you have some unloved, forgotten or screaming-to-be-used products in your closet and you could use some extra space in those closets for important stuff. Then this is your chance. Take it with both hands and don’t let go. Get into the #ProjectEmptyBloggers mindset and start to collect some items. Join us now and let us know that you are participating (on whatever social media you choose) E-mail your bloglink and/or instagram (facebook, twitter or any other social media you want to share on) to That way we know you are participating and you will get linked in the blog piece that will be published on the 1st of April.

Why would you do a PROJECT EMPTY ?

Be Happy !!!










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  1. Valerie Kramer
    Mar 30, 2016 @ 22:43:40

    Absolutely wonderful. I’m very happy for you. Having a “project empty box” is a really good idea – I should start one of my own. Right now I just am working from a mental list.

    Liked by 1 person


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