Cosnature Tinted Moisturizer – For a healthy glow

Hellow 🙂

Now that the weather is getting a little brighter from time to time it’s nice to go out too, but who wants to go out looking all pale? We all had one of those days, right ?  Getting up in the morning, quite pale and/or sick looking and no time to do your extensive makeup routine. Depending on how much time I have, I put some powder, BB-cream or tinted moisturizer on to look a lot better.


Today I introduce you to the Cosnature Tinted Moisturizer with Calendula. Cosnature is a brand that is stands for natural and organic cosmetics. Made by the  company NATRUE. They are based in Brussels, Belgium and are committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.


The tinted moisturizer is a quite firm cream. Lightly scented and light peachy in colour. The scent is flowery and not overpowering at all. Once you put it on, the scent disapears pretty quick.


Do excuse the bathroom in the background, but it was the only room where I could get a good lighted picture. It’s not very visible, but it’s on the left side you can see a slightly more yellow/peachy hue on my face. I don’t look too perky today because I’m sick, but when I put on a little of the tinted moisturizer, I felt a bit better. Although the difference is subtle, I like what it does for me. I still look natural. It proves that you don’t need a lot of makeup to look (and feel) better on a pale/sick day 😀

I found this moisturizer at Secrets By Nature for €4.95/ for 50ml.

What do you use when having a pale/sick day ? Do you put on a full face of makeup or do you keep it light ?

Be Happy !!!





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  1. YuStSoMe
    Mar 05, 2016 @ 17:38:37

    Love it too! I use it on Ma-Di-Wo-Do days. 😀

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