Winter is coming – Yves Rocher Apple Delight

Hi everyone 😀

Another month and it’s officially winter. I’m NOT looking forward to it to be totally honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but it’s HELL to drive through and it makes traffic go totally wrong. It’s already fucked up enough as it is. Also, when it’s cold I get more migraines and that is not what I want.

A little update on my life before I go on talking about the actual subject of this blog. I FOUND A JOB !!! As of 15 October I’ve been working the deli counter at a local supermarket, only 10 miles from my house. I work between 30 and 34 hours a week and I’m still trying to juggle work, household things, helping my grandmother and my blog. It’s been the blog that got neglected for a while and I’m so sorry!

On to what I actually wanted to talk about 😉 I’ve been waiting for the fall/winter limited edition line from Yves Rocher for a year now. Last year it was Pear Caramel and I hoped for an equally good LE this year ^^ I have to admit that they succeeded 😀 Do you want to see what I got ?

apple delight 2

The total LE collection consist of :

  • Shimmering Bodymilk (400ml) €5.95
  • Bathfizzer (15gr) €1.00
  • Bath- and Showergel (400ml) €4.95
  • Eau de Toilette (20ml) €3.95
  • Bodycream (150ml) €7.95
  • Scented Candle (70gr) €5.90

I got (as you can see in the picture) the bodymilk, showergel, eau de toilette and the scented candle. To be fully honest, I bought 2 of the showergels 😉 Just to be sure that I have enough to last me for … euhm … probably years (oops) I say years, because I still have some bottles of last year and another 60+ bottles of showergel in my collection. I really should do an update on my showergel stash.

apple delight 3

I hoped that the Apple Delight scent would even be better than the Pear Caramel one, but it’s different. I can’t really compare them to each other. Apple Delight is sweet and yet tart. The small of apples is not artificial, but smells like real sweet red apples. In a blog I posted in March, I said that getting the scent of apple right is a tricky thing and I still stand by that statement. Not a lot of companies get it right. Mostly it turns out to be either to artificial or just smelling like bleach. Yves Rocher did a very very good job getting it right 😀 This year I kinda missed the LUSH So White Showergel. They did bring out a shower jelly with the same scent (which is totally great), but still I missed that big bottle of apple goodness. For me this Apple Delight showergel made my day ^^ It’s not the crisp fresh green apple smell, but warm fresh red apples are fine too 😀 The shimmering bodymilk has the same great apple scent, but slightly less than the showergel. That is totally fine, because the scent of the showergel lingers for a bit after you’ve showered.

apple delight 1

Because I LOVE fruity perfumes, I had to buy the Eau de Toilette as well. If I don’t use the showergel of the bodylotion, I can still smell great and fruity 😀 I already was asked what perfume I was wearing at work. I smelled so yummy :p

apple delight 4

For those cold winter days there is this scented candle, to lighten up your day. I think mine will burn at Christmas. It just reminds me of an apple cake without cinnamon. It will be a fruity winter ^^

If you are hungry now, because I mentioned cake (mmmm cake) just go and grab something from the frigde or pantry 😉 For those who are curious about the Yves Rocher Apple Delight collection (and their other great products) you can find them at your local store or online at

Have a great day !!!

Be Happy !!!







3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bmobshelldrawer
    Nov 20, 2015 @ 15:59:07

    Sounds great collection! I will look for the candle hope I can get it a lone as I don’t use fragrances showed gel.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Precies Lies
    Nov 22, 2015 @ 15:32:52

    First of all, congratulations on your new job! These Yves Rocher line looks amazing! I have a lot of products of them myself, and my mom has a closet full of Yves Rocher showergels waiting to be used (but she keeps on buying them). I do love candles so maybe I will pass by to purchase this one!

    Liked by 1 person


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