Used – Emptied – Discarded (September 2015)

Hello there 🙂

I made a habit of showing you what products I empty every month. It’s something I very much enjoy to do, but I feel that after almost a year there isn’t a huge interest in this little series no more. I can be mistaken, but that is the feeling I have. That is why this will be the blog about my monthly trash, for now. Please let me know if you would like me to continue with this series 🙂 I highly value the opinion of my readers.

Please don’t let this little sad announcement keep you from enjoying having a browse through my trash 😉

empty 1

Last month has been a fruitful month for collecting empty and used products. I emptied some things that have been taking me either forever to start using or took forever to empty.

empty 2

I’ll start of with my shower gels. Have you ever seen such a cute penguin? I love the label on the Simple Pleasures – Berry Frost shower gel. It’s an American one that I got in a package from a friend. It had a sweet berry scent and it was filled with glitter. I’m so glad en very excited that LUSH brought back their sickly candy sweet Snow Fairy. I have another 3 little ones in my shower gel stash, but I can’t wait to buy a new one soon ^^ Another great shower gel is the Imperial Leather – Beautiful Moisture Body Wash. The argan oil pearls really did hydrate my skin very well. The only downside was the scent. It had a great floral scent, but it was too perfumy when I had a migraine or a normal headache.

empty 3

After trying, almost tossing, making up my mind and trying again, I’m totally tossing my Lierac – Hydra Chrono+. It doens’t do a damn thing for my skin. Every time I touch my face, it peels like wet news paper slivers. Really icky and not pleasant at all. Another product that didn’t give me a pleasant feeling was the Innisfree – Olive Real Cleansing Oil. God, I wish I never tried it. I never felt more greasy and dirty in my life! La Roche-Posay – Toleraine cleansing milk was kind of ok. I’m personally not a fan of cleansing milk, but actually this one did all right. The blue tube is a travel tube for shower gel or lotion. It broke on my and instead of one hole for dispensing it has 2 now.

empty 4

I seem to be using a lot of LUSH products lately. My shower is filled with them currenty and I ❤ it. As I already said, I can’t wait to shop some of the seasonal Halloween and Christmas products ^^ I used Gold Fun, a Father Christmas bath bomb, my Melting Snowman bath melt and a Creamy Candy bubble bar. It’s a little sad that LUSH isn’t bringing back the Melting Snowman bath melt.

empty 5

I’ve emptied a bottle of Everyday – Nail Polish Remover. I love how it’s acetone free and still does the job perfectly, even with glitter polishes ^^

empty 6

I always love using sheet masks, they are something special and the Holika Holika – Rosy Peach Tea Mask Sheet wasn’t any different. I won’t elaborate about the samples. There are only 2 that I would buy the full size of and those are Ziaja – Natural Argan Oil Protective Body Butter and Skinfood – Royal Honey Toner.

empty 7

I had to go to a wedding and walking in heels is always iffy. I seem to slip forward in them, so I use Kiwi – Gel-pads. They are comfy and keep me from slipping forward 🙂

empty 8

It almost took me a year to finish this bag of M&M’s – Peanut Butter. Due to me wanting to loose weight, it didn’t get eaten as fast as I would normally do. They are the best M&M’s I’ve eaten so far 😀

empty 9

As winter is approaching, windows are closing and it gets colder and colder. When that happens, I seem to have a wax melt on my burner almost every day. Bigger melts like these last me a good 10-12 hours, so I can use them multiple days in a row 😀 The first wax melts I ever bought came from Pearlmania and I still love them. Apple Pie made me thing about the times my grandmother was baking and Afrodisiac was subtle and sensual.

What did you use last month ? 

Be Happy !!!



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  1. Eske
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 18:43:01

    Oeh interessant om te lezen! Wist je dat je je lege verpakking van de Lush weer kan inleveren?

    Liked by 1 person


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