A Breath Of Fresh Air – Cattier Whitening Toothpaste With Siwak Extract

Hi there,

Finding a toothpaste that cleans my teeth, keeps them ‘white’ (I don’t have pearly white chompers), keeps my breath fresh and doesn’t make me gag because of the taste is hard for me. Personally I’m not a big fan of mint. It’s a flavour I don’t like very much, so finding a toothpaste that has a mild or light mint taste, that does all I require of it, is hard.

Cattier 2

I tried so many different ones over the years and I never found THE ONE. Because I’m still trying to go as natural as possible in terms of body care products, I ordered a Cattier Paris – Whitening toothpaste with Siwak extract from Secrets By Nature.

Cattier 3

For over 40 years, Cattier makes cosmetics with gentle and natural products. They try to source as much of their ingredients from Organic and Bio Farming. You won’t find Paraben, Fenoxyethanol, Synthetic Colour or Sents or Oil Derivates in any Cattier product. A lot of people are going back to using natural / organic products, because they realize that it’s better for them and it’s also better for the environment. I think Cattier does a wonderful job helping with that, by not using any products that have been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizer or have been genetically manipulated. They don’t test on animals and protect them by using packaging that is recyclable.

Cattier 5

About the product itself, this is what Cattier promises it should do:

‘ – Whiten the teeth and promote the elimination of dental plaque and tartar thanks to the action of an active proteolytic complex

– Strengthen and tighten the gums thanks to the astringent and fortifying properties of natural siwak* extract

– Gently polish the teeth, while preserving their enamel, thanks to mild polishing agents.’

*Siwak is natural walnut bark extract derived from walnut bark shavings.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the toothpaste tube. The scent didn’t overpower me, like other toothpastes can do. No heavy (pepper)mint and also no flashy colours. Sometimes coloured toothpaste worries me. How can that be healthy with all those added colouring ?! Nice fabulous white toothpaste is what I want ! When I put my nose closer to the tube and too another sniff, I would swear I smelled a woody / earthy undertone of the walnut bark extract 🙂

I’m now in week 3 into using the toothpaste and I absolutely LOVE it !!! I didn’t feel the need to gag because of the strong mint, because although there is mint in this toothpaste, it doesn’t sting / irritate my mouth and tongue. It’s just like a fresh breeze that refreshes my mouth. I can’t yet say if my teeth are whiter. As I already said, my teeth are not naturally white. It would be nice if they went down a tint or 2. As for for the dental plaque … what dental plaque ? I used to have some stubborn plaque between certain teeth and now that is gone. I can see that when I floss, less ‘dirt’ comes from between my teeth. My gums are stronger, the irritations and inflammations I usually had around my molars are gone.

I still have a half finished tube of Oral B toothpaste, that is being kindly donated to m boyfriend now. He doesn’t care what toothpaste he uses, as long as it does the job. I think I’ll never change toothpastes again, except for another Cattier one 😉

Cattier Whitening Toothpaste With Siwak Extract (75 ml) costs € 5,99 and you can find it in the Secrets by Nature webshop.

What toothpaste do you use ? 

Be Happy !!!



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