Used – Emptied – Discarded (July 2015)

Hello all 🙂

I need to say that I regret nit posting anything the last month. Now I can honestly say, WE ARE BACK !!! For the full 110% !!! I know I said that last month as well, but I will have more time on my hands now to blog and so fun stuff 😀 ^^

The month of July has been hot and sunny here and I used up a lot of products again. Let’s take a look shall we ?


As I said, a lot of goodies that are now empty. I just realized the amount of bath / shower products I used ^^’ oops 😉


First up are the shower gels. I’m tossing out the White Rain – Tropical Coconut 😦 It’s 3/4 empty, so I used a lot of it, but it smells off. The sweet en tropical coconut scent turned into something that smells like chlorine. Who likes to smell like swimming pool when they just came out of the shower ?! Nivea – Powerfruit Refresh made me smell so much better and woke me right up in the morning. There is something about this shower gel that makes me step out the shower smiling every time I use it 😀 I will repurchase this one, once my shower gel stash goes down 😉


LUSH has amazing products and also less amazing ones. I totally ❤ ❤ ❤ their Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. It’s heaven in a black jar 🙂 I was shocked when I read that they are discontinuing it, I even think I shed a tear over it when it was empty 😥 BUT, they didn’t really discontinue it, they only kinda revamped it. It’s no longer a ‘liquid’ in a jar, but a firm roulade 😀 ^^ I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those !!! One of the products i didn’t really enjoy was the D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream. When I first tried it, I loved it. The second time, I got red bumps and ingrown hairs and I hated it. The time after that it all went smooth again and when I tried it a fourth time, it all went haywire again. I was at a LUSH store a some time ago and I asked the lady there is there was another purpose for the shaving cream and she said that I could wash myself with it, just like I would do with a shower smoothie. It would just not foam as much. So I transferred what was left in my jar to a smaller one, that fits in my shower and I’ll use it as a shower smoothie.


I dyed my hair again, because the colour had  faded super fast with the sun and I like to have nice red hair. The Delia – Camelao in Intense Red did the trick, but I will never ever EVER buy this brand again. There was an oil pack in it that I had to add to the dye and it made my hair so greasy. I had to wash my hair 3 consecutive days after I dyed it to get it out. I followed all the instructions included in the pack to the T, so I don’t get why it was so greasy afterwards. I finished my first bottle of Urtekram – Nordic Birch Conditioner. OMG I love it and I don’t want to change conditioners ever again !!! Owkay, I will have to change conditioners from time to time, because I still have others in the bathroom closet. Before this one ran out, I ordered another one and it’s waiting to be used 😀


My favourite desinfectant wipes are the Am – Sterile ones. I get them in the Action (our take on the dollar store) and they do the job perfectly. I have a pack in my car, in my purse and a few around the house. A pack of the Essence – My Skin Mattifying Cleansng wipes. I haven’t been using a lot these since they got discontinued. I still like them a lot but this was one of my last packets. I think I have 1 more stashed somewhere 😉


The Beauty Bakery goodies ^^ I don’t think I have to elaborate a lot on the Skin Frosting. They are my favourite kind of body lotion and I will keep on buying them. The Snowball Sugar Scrub is an item I didn’t really enjoy a lot. It was lovely and cute to look at when it was still a white ball of scrub, but once I broke it up and started to use it, blah, it didn’t really do a lot of scrubbing. The last time it all had turned into a slush and it didn’t scrub at all no more. I adore bathbombs, they are great to break up into pieces and use in my foothbath. The Chocolate Cake bath bomb, I will not buy again. It smelled amazing and mouthwatering, but who like to sit or put their feet in to poo brown water? Yes it turned my foothbath poo brown o_O It even stained my toenails slightly brown and that was just horrible 😦


My Luke – Nose Pore Strips are becoming a necessary thing. Because it’s so hot and humid, I get a lot of blackheads, so if someone knows a magical cure for blackheads, let me know


Moving on with some samples. I was very happy to be able to try Pure Elements – Daycream with tomato extract. The smell was amazing and it sunk into my skin like nothing else had done before. I will not buy a fullsize, because I have too much daycreams laying around. I am so happy that some products do come in a sample size. Innisfree has a good reputation as a Korean Cosmetics brand, but their Olive Real Cleansing Foam is a complete MISS for me. It made me break out. My damaged skin welcomes the soothing Skinfood – Watery Berry Wrap Mask. My skin is just starting to get better now, but this mask took away some redness and pain.


My good smelling things ^^ I got to the end of my Bath and Bodyworks – Rio Red Guava candle 😦 I wish we could get then easily here, because they smell so good !!! They are however kinda pricey for their size. The Claremont&May – Chunky Candle in Lilac and Lavender is actually still burning, I just saved the wrapper, because I would forget that I used it or misplace the wrapper for later 😉 I wish i bought more of the Asjes Wax Melts – Monkey Farts, the subtle mix of strawberries, banana and coconut was fabulous. It burned for a very long time and made the house smell incredibly good 😀


I just saved these Baru – Dreamy Chocolate Hippo wrappers because they are so stinking cute !!! The chocolate that was inside had the shape of the friendly and cute hippo on the wrapper ^^

With these yummy chocolates I conclude my empties of the the month of July. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

What did you use this month ?

Be Happy !!!



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