Used – Emptied – Discarded (June 2015)

Hello all 🙂

I’m late with my monthly empties. Wait here come the excuse … I’m working for school, a lot. I have exams in August, because I didn’t do them in June. So I need to up my game a lot and work, work, work my ass off !!! I took some time of the schoolwork to present you with my empties 😀 Here we go !!!


I have a TON of stuff to show you this month, I can’t believe how much I’l throwing out. I don’t want to say that I have a lot of stuff that I went through. There is makeup that just is not my thing or have gone bad. I only cleaned out my makeup in March and I threw out a lot of things as well 😮 #toomuchstuff


I’m so so so sad to see this one go 😦 I love using the Amanprana – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. They have send it to me to review. Read it if you haven’t already 🙂 I used it to make my own body butter, as a hairmask and to cook with as well. I love it to bits !!! I will definitely buy this one again, I got another one from another brand right now, but I will go back to this one for sure !!!


I can’t tell how long I had the Yves Rocher – Vanilla Body Exfoliating Cream for. I know it’s been expired for 3 months now, but it still was fine to use. I found it when I was cleaning and re-arranging the bathroom closet and just had to finish it. It smelled fantastic and scrubbed gently 😀 The Beauty Bakery – Skin Frosting  Apple Cinnamon (read my review here) is one of my favorite body lotions. The texture is so light and it dries pretty fast. The most positive about it is that is doesn’t get sticky when it dries. I can’t stand sticky things !!! I will repurchase both when all the other srubs and lotions I have run out 😉


On to shower gel 😀 ^^ I used up for this month. I didn’t start them all this month of course 😉 Oil of Life – Moisturizing Body Wash is a nice very moisturizing American shower gel. I got it in a swap. I love how it didn’t have a heavy scent, that way I would mix it with a not so moisturizing shower gel. I wish I could get my hands on another one of these. I can hear you thinking, did you use that Yves Rocher – Monoï de Tahiti already since your haul ? But no, I had this one in my closet already and it was only 3/4 full. I started this Original Source – Raspberry And Cocoa Shower last month for my nature month and I’m kinda sad it’s gone now. I’m also sad that the Bio Beauté by Nuxe – Shower gel with Lychee is gone. It’s not a shower gel that I would buy myself, but I got it in a box I ordered.


I’ll be short about these. I hated the Etos – Make up wipes. They feel like sandpaper and if I want to exfoliate, I’ll just use my regular exfoliant. You see the Maxi – Make Up Remover Pads every month, because I go trough a pack every month :p They are my favorite ones ^^


My skin really needed some TLC last month and I use several face masks for the. Loved them all. Holika Holika – Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet, Cocoma – Jasmine, Montagne Jeunesse – Lemon Zest Peel Off and Ziaja – Goat’s Milk Face Mask for Dry & Rinkle Prone Skin. I wish I could find more Makgeolli masks. It was the first ever sheet mask I tried and I can’t seem to find them anymore online. So if someone can either send some to me or tell me where I can still buy them, please let me know in the comments of send me an e-mail 😀 ^^ *hopeful* 


My favorite blackhead remover strips 🙂 I use the Luke – Charcoal patch on my chin, because I’m a cheapo and it works just as fine as a chin patch. The Tonymoly – Eggpore Nose Pack made my nose feel very smooth and soft. No blackheads no more !!!


Some samples I used. The only one I will never ever ever try again is the L’oréal – SkinPerfection. It made my face peel, even though I had just exfoliated when I used it. YAK !!!


I’m throwing these things out because they are either old or I won’t use them.


More stuff I’m throwing out. It’s always healthy to purge your makeup from time to time. These pencils are all dry and not fit for use no more.


I feel like I’m throwing out so much stuff I hate this month. I’ve been using this Sanex – Natur protect deodorant off and on, not knowing for sure if I liked it or not and I came to the conclusion that I don’t like them at all !!! It says that it will protect for 24 hours, but it doesn’t even protect for the full 3. It’s a shame !!!


I used the Poly Palette – Ruby Red hair dye to do my hair and it didn’t really blow me away, I’ve had better ones.




These lip products are going in the bin. The Sleek – Pout Paint split on me and the Yves Rocher – Fruit Gloss had gone off. The rest is just not my thing.


I’m not burning so much wax melts anymore as I did this winter. I was crazy, burning one or more a day and now I hardly burn one a month. I only got this Pearlmania – Soysents in Cherry and it was cherry heaven !!! I would buy this one again in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately I have so much of them that I need to go through those first.


For my non-beauty item I chose these Meiji – Hello Panda cookies. I still have a huge love for Japanese snacks and cookies. My diet doesn’t like that so much, but I eat them in moderation. These cookies were so good !!! They made me think about cookies I had when I was younger 😀 *memories*

These were all the things I used, emptied and threw out. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my trash 😉


Aria (the cat) approves throwing out old and empty things !!!

What did you use this month ? Let me know in the comments !!!

Be Happy !!!






2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Aug 11, 2015 @ 00:02:54

    Oef gurl, succes met je examens! Oh no, doe je de Pout Paint van Sleek weg? Zonde! Het is ideaal om lipsticks te mengen en een drupje van die witte lipstick erbij te doen als je wat wilt variëren. 🙂 Mooie producten heb je opgemaakt, al die potloden die je weggooit.. zo herkenbaar. Op één of andere manier, ondanks dat de dop erop zit drogen sommige uit, zo vreemd. Heerlijk artikel! Oh, ik heb veel zooi een tijd terug weggegooid, wat ik ook niet meer gebruikte, wat oud was of waar de geur van minder was geworden. Ik gooide oogschaduws weg, maakte een shampoo op van Guhl en de conditioner en een body butter, weet de naam alleen niet meer uit mijn hoofd. :”) ARIA! ❤

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Bunnywunnie8
    Aug 11, 2015 @ 10:02:32

    Helaas heb ik mijn school opgegeven en doe ik geen examens. Ik heb nog maar dit laatste eekend de beslissing gemaakt. Het is een verloren jaartje, maar ik denk dat ik nu wel meer klaar ben voor de arbeidsmarkt.

    Vanavond komen mijn empties van juli online. Man wat ben ik laat (again) Vanaf nu heb ik weer meer tijd om te bloggen. ^^



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