Be Free To Make Up – Freedom Makeup London

Hi there 🙂

Makeup Revolution has a little sister !!! On the 5th of June a new budget make up brand got launched, it’s called Freedom Makeup. They profile themselves as being professional make up on a budget. Sounds good no ? As they are a little sister company of Makeup Revolution they are priced about the same and everything looks about the same. No worries Freedom Makeup has it’s own lines of products 😀


I wanted to know if Freedom Makeup would have the same quality as Makeup Revolution, so I did a small haul. Today I will be showing you their ‘Far Away Galaxy’ lipstick collection. This collection makes me think about Star Wars, you’ll see why in a moment 😉


The collection has 5 (pretty unusual) lipstick colours. A bright white, a silver, a dark metal, a metallic purple and a gold. Don’t they look fantastic?


From left to right: Storm-Trooper, Sky-Walker, The Sith, Far Away and Space Luxe. See I told you that they made me think of Star Wars 😉 All the lipsticks are nicely pigmented and they glide on like a lipbalm, nice and smooth.


I tried on Far Away. My apologies for the way too dry lips. I like how the colour looks on me. I think paired with a nice dark purple eye shadow and some false lashes it’s perfect for a night out. Because I have natural dry and slighty cracked lips, the lipstick does get into the cracks. That’s a little bummer, but all the lipsticks I own do that.

The Freedom Makeup ‘Far Away Galaxy’ lipstick collection retails for £1/€1.41/$1.50 each.

Freedom Makeup ships worldwide, so go and take a look at their website ^^ 😀

Are you Free To Make Up ?

Be Happy !!!





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