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Hello all 🙂

It’s been a week again since I blogged. I have been enjoying the nice weather we have here lately 😉 Sometimes taking a little time of is needed for me. Who doesn’t love a little time off from school, work and even hobbies ?!

It’s time again for me to review a wonderful product by Amanprana/Amanvida. I have reviewed a couple over the past few months and I hope they will let me review some more 🙂 Amanprana – Shangri-La Arac Serum, Amanprana – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Amanprana – Mentha Mouth Oil. Today I will be reviewing the Amanprana – Razoli.


Razoli, what is that ? It’s a 100% natural and organic shaving oil, made to get a clean and close shave, even on the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body. The one I tested was the Razoli For Women. There is also one for men, but in my opinion, both can be used by both sexes.


I was pleasantly surprised to see another of the Amanprana lotus boxes turn up at my doorstep. They are elegant and contain a lot of information about the product. They are fun to open and the inside has the colour of the letters on the bottle. As always the bottle is made out of dark purple UV protecting glass. The bottle contains 100 ml and should last 20 to 30 shaves.


The concept of shaving with oils wasn’t new  to me, I tried shaving with baby oil, coconut oil and olive oil before. All three worked fine and they made me ditch my shaving foams. Still this shaving oil is a breeze of new fresh air for my legs.



I saved up a week and a half worth of hair on my legs to see if the oil would make any difference in the way I had to shave my legs. Normally I do it every 3-4 days in summer to avoid those ugly and icky stubbles. I was surprised how little oil I needed to do one leg. As you can see, the result was impeccable, a very close and clean shave. I didn’t cut myself, I didn’t have red bumps, nor did I have to reapply it during the shaving session. I always shave in the shower and always have a little water running to clean my blades with, so there is the occasional bit of water that runs down my legs. Shaving cream gets washed away when that happens, the oil clung to my legs until I gently washed it off with some soap and water.


Amanprana – Razoli shaving oil is made with extra virgin almond oil, coconut oil, red palm oil and olive oil. To give the oil a fresh zingy scent Amanprana added organic sweet orange, mandarin, cardamon, sandalwood and vetiver essential oils to the mix. All these ingredients combined help to reduce redness, bumps, itchiness, flaky and dry skin. It takes care of your skin 😀

Since I received the Razoli, I haven’t used anything else to shave with. I’ve used it for my legs, armpits and lady parts. There is nothing that gives me such a good clean and close shave as this shaving oil !!! 😀 ^^ 

More information about the Amanprana – Razoli on:

If you are interested in the Amanprana – Razoli you can find it in the Amanvida webshop for €34.95/$39.35.

Have you tried this product yet ?

Be Happy !!!





3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jun 15, 2015 @ 21:06:15

    Oeff gurl, that sounds amazing! I’m always clumsy when it comes to shaving, that’s why I use an epilator. 🙂 But that hurts like hell, so I only use that for my armpits. :’) No cuts? No red bumps? No sliding in the shower, because the floor is all oiled up? AMAZING!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Shannon Peterson
    Jun 16, 2015 @ 07:56:18

    I’ve never heard of shaving with oils – I’ll have to check this out!

    Liked by 1 person


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