Used – Emptied – Discarded (May 2015)

Hija there 🙂 I’m happy to so another Used – Emptied – Discarded ^^ I love doing these. The month of May hasn’t been a good month for empties, because it was my nature month. I started a lot of new products and didn’t finish any of them. So you won’t see any fantastic natural stuff, but I did have some things that I chucked out or emptied because they had to go or got to old or I didn’t like them. Shall we get on with it ? (if you are not in the mood to read it all … just watch the video below 😉 )


As you can see there is not a lot this month. Don’t be depressed about it, I hope to have more next month 😉


I’m starting off with stuff i use in the shower. I have to be honest and say that actually I only used up 1 of these, the others are still alive and kicking, but have been transferred to another bottle. On the left we have a little pot from The Beauty Bakery, it was the Fluffy, Creamy & Delicious Whipped Cream Soap in Strawberry Milkshake. A whole mouthful just to say that it was whipped soap that smelled delicious !!! I l ❤ ve l ❤ ve l ❤ ved LUSH Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower gel. This one had been transferred to a pump bottle that I use in the shower. It’s easier to handle then this huge 500ml bottle. I’ll be totally sad when I used it all, but I still have a few mini ones. On the right there is a Kruidvat Repair Conditioner. There is nothing really special about it. Doesn’t do a single thing for my hair, but I use it to dilute my Directions hairdye and my Crazy Colors hairdye.


I used up another sampl from LUSH, this time it is the Fair Trade Foot Lotion. Man, does this smell good !!! I was surprised how many used I got out of this little container. I’m really considering purchasing a full size version, it is so good !!! Because I couldn’t bare the smell of the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Lotion no more, I emptied the last bit into my sink. It did a good job, but I got a less aggressive and drying one now. I was never very crazy about this one anyway. You can read that here.


Next up are the products that I’m just chucking out. In the beginning I loved the Lierac Mésolift Serum, although it’s a sample, I used it several times (and it still is about half way full)  I used it together with the Hydra + cream. After a few used I noticed that I got like burst blood vessels on my cheeks and I though I must have scrubbed to hard or something. I continued to use it and it only got worse. When I stopped using it, the burst vessels disappeared. So bye bye to this one. I’m also throwing out my The Beauty Bakery Body Butter in Winter Wonder Land, because it went bad on me. I was using it since January and I never really got into it. I like the Skin Frosting better. Too bad, too sad, but it just isn’t my thing in therms of texture.


Last two items of this month are food. I did a swap some time ago and my friend send me some Sour Patch kids Extreme. They were actually for my boyfriend, but I helped eating them. YUM !!! Remember this one ? The Man With The Pan Bombay Chicken from the Food we Love box was also very yummy. Simple and as it were only spices, it was a lean meal 😉 I hope you enjoyed this months empties again and I hope to have more next month !!! What products do you frequently empty ? Be Happy !!! Bunnie


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  1. Jamey
    May 29, 2015 @ 14:48:52

    Wat gaat er een hoop door heen zo he!hahaha

    Liked by 1 person


  2. OrganicCloud
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 10:01:29

    “That’s all glitter, Oh.My.God.” hahaha You are seriously the best!

    Liked by 1 person


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