Used – Emptied – Discarded (April 2015)

Hey there 😉

It’s that time of the month again !!! It’s time for my monthly empties , YAY 😀 ^^ I thought I wouldn’t have a lot to show you this month since I had a massive amount last month, but I was wrong :p

This might not the most impressive collection of used items, but it’s something 😉 Hair dye, shower gels, body stuff and some yummy goodies.

I finally coloured my hair red !!! I’m a pretty red-head now ^^ I went for Garnier – Olia oil colouring and I have to say, it worked wonderfully and it doesn’t stink like other dyes. I was really pleasantly surprised 😀

Owkay, I cheated on this one :p The Original Source – Pink Grapefruit I didn’t use by myself. My boyfriend used most of if, but I helped :p I finally got tho the end of my first LUSH – Snowman Shower Jelly. I say finally because I still have 3 more and I’ve been using this one on and off for since January. The Original Source – Vanilla and Raspberry I used all by myself 😉 I love all of these to bits. I’m actually bummed that it was the last of the Pink Grapefruit ones I had. It was a limited edition. I hope they will make it again in the future !!!

These two products are not empty, but I’m throwing them out anyway. The Garnier – Beauty bodyscrub I got in a Deauty Box last year and I loved it the first few times I used it, but then it went weird on me. Like the oils solidified or something. The Body Shop – compact powder is something I bought from someone without really knowing what I would do with it. I’m not a compact powder girl. It has been used a few times, but it’s not my thing. Excuse my image in the compact powder case :p

My skin got taken good care of too last month.I finishes my jar of Nature Republic – 92% Aloe Vera Gel. It was a godsend !!! I sometimes have a dry path in the front of my hair and this keeps it moisturized all day long. I’m bummed to be all out of Bath & Bodyworks – Twilight Woods body lotion. It was a gift from an American swap buddy. I can’t believe how fast I went trough the Caudalie – Hand and Nail cream. I normally do a lot longer with handcream, but this was a sample size and I did have terrible dry hands past winter. I’m throwing out the Yves Rocher – Bio Aloe Vera Deodorant. The last bit that was in it dried up. Not a big deal, it wasn’t my favorite anyway 😉

OMG If my stash of body lotions ever get’s to the point I have to buy new ones, I’m going to buy LUSH – Vanilla Dee-Lite. It smells so amazing. I was very excited that this sample was wend with my last order. Yes, another home made label, this time it’s from the LUSH – Cinders bath bomb. I used it as a whole and I must say, I regret doing that. It was a wonderful bath bomb and one of the smallest I had. Still it was pretty big for one foot bath and it proved that too. My toenails were bright orange when I got out of the foot bath. Oops 😦 I also used a sample of Asjes Wax Melts – Facial Scrub and I loved it !!! I will definitely buy a full size version in one of the coming months. I also enjoyed the wax melt in the Madagaskar scent. It filled the house with the aroma of warm vanilla. Heavenly !!!

The most recurring products in my monthlies must be the Maxi – Make Up Remover Pads. They are cheap and good. The Everyday – Nail Polish Remover without acetone is also a cheap but very good products. The Mixcoco – Nail Foils were absolutely terrible 😦 They had Marilyn Monroe on then and looked fantastic in the package, but they fell of withing an hour of applying.

As last I want to share you these edible goodies. I love love love tea, but that isn’t a secret :p I didn’t review these and now they are all gone 😦 I did already order in a bunch of new ones. I really love the Nestlé – Milk Tea Sticks. So when the new ones arrive, I will certainly make a review about them 🙂 I know M&M’s bad for my diet, but you can cheat from time to time, right ?! These M&M’s – Peanut Butter can’t be found here. I got them in a package from an American friend. I got another huge bag of them in the closet 😉 Mmm …

What products did you enjoy the most last month?

Be Happy !!!



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  1. Alex
    May 03, 2015 @ 17:19:06

    The comment about the body lotions made me chuckle, I am in a very similar place, and also for shower gels. I don’t think I have to buy new one till the end of the year!

    Right now I really love an eyeliner from Alterra and mascara from Make Up Factory I got around Christmas time.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Bunnywunnie8
      May 03, 2015 @ 17:25:29

      Yeah lotion and shower gel, I don’t need to buy for a year I think. And if the shower gel runs out, I still have a soap collection :p I don’t know both of the brands you are talking about. Never seen them here.



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