Amanprana – Menta Mouth Oil

Hi there 😉

Like the past two months I received something from Amanprana to test for my blog. I never expected them to keep sending me e-mails to test things, but they do and I love it. Thanks to them I’m totally getting into a more natural way of living. I do sometimes choose the organic/natural stuff over the stuff I used to use. I think that is a huge step forward for me. This month I had the privilege to test the Amanprana Mouth Oil in the scent Menta. I never hard of mouth oil before, so I was pretty curious what it would do.

I love the packaging it came in. Simple, elegant and just beautiful.

Just as the packaging if the Amanprana Shangri-La ORAC Serum, this one folds open like a lotus flower. Inside is a pretty big and heavy dark violet glass bottle. You would almost say it’s a black bottle, but that is because it’s not translucent. The violet glass keeps out UV rays, so the products keeps longer. As I said, the bottle is pretty big, it contains 200 ml 😮 It’s not a lot if you look at what mouthwash bottle contain. This is different, it’s mouth oil ! 😀

The oil just looks like … euhm well … oil 😉 It had a nice golden yellow colour to it and smells amazing. It has a subtle scent of mint and cinnamon. All the oils in it are totally natural. 100% Natural , 98% Raw ingrdients, 0% Junk.

You can use the mouth oil for 2 different things.

* You can take a teaspoon of oil and swirl it around for about 3 minutes daily. Do this after you brushed your teeth, just like you would with mouthwash.

* You can also, in addition to the daily swirling, do a monthly detox session with it. That is called Oil Pulling. Take a tablespoon of oil and swirl that around for about 30 minutes.

Interesting fact: Mouth oil reaches 98% of the total oral cavity, brushing the teeth and flossing only 10%. Regular oil pulling provides fresh breath, a radiant smile and white teeth.

Personally I haven’t notices my teeth getting whiter, but I did notice that my breath stays fresh longer. Because this products doesn’t contain alcohol I can actually use it for the full 3 minutes 🙂 With mouthwashes that do contain alcohol, I need to spit them out after only about 15 seconds. They are to strong in flavour too. Even when I get the ones without alcohol, they sting and pain my mouth 😦 I haven’t tried the oil pulling yet, but I’m planning to do that next weekend.

And when your see this on the products packaging, you can only be more happy. No animal testing and it’s 100% natural. That’s all your body needs to love this products for a full 150% !!!

I hope I got you as excited as I am about this mouth oil !!! For more info you can go to Noble House OR Amanvida.

Amanprana Mouth Oil comes in Menta (mint) and Foeniculum (fennel) and are both retailing for €29.95 ($33.35) in the Official Amanprana Webshop.

How do you keep your mouth fresh and clean ?

Be Happy !!!



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