My Love For Scents and Wax – Waxmelt Haul ^^

Hija there 😉

Everyone like their home to smell like it has been freshly cleaned all the time, but sometimes you walk in an go: ‘Let’s open a window or take out the air freshener, it smells a little musty here’ With 3 cats and a litter box, the house can sometimes smell like animal. Or when that one friend comes and smokes his cigarettes outside, but still your house smells like someone smoked a whole pack of those stinky sticks inside. Even though you might have just cleaned a few days before, the house can be smelly 😦 Smells make people feel a certain way. If I come home and have a house smelling of cats, I don’t feel so very happy, but when you enter a house that smells nice, your mood is definitely a lot better 🙂  I love my house to smell inviting and homey. I tried air fresheners, incense, potpourri, nothing of those work like it should. They give me a headache and make me feel sick to the stomach. Only scented candles, essential oils and waxmelts do what I want them to do ^^ and that is freshen up the house and make it smell super nice and homey.

I already have a quite big stash of waxmelts, but one can never have enough. It’s like collecting perfume or scented oils. Unlike perfume or scented oils, waxmelts don’t cost a ‘fortune’. I say fortune, because I think people pay way to much for perfume. The prices go up and up and soon you might have to pay an arm and a leg for it, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I found this website: This lady / girl makes her own waxmelts and sells them for a very reasonable price. I believe I payed €0.70 / $0.75 a piece for them. They are not the biggest or the cheapes I found so far, but she has a very nice range of scents 😀 About 80 different ones 😉

As you can see, I bought quite a lot of them ^^’ Look at all those pretty colours !!!  I don’t really need to tell you that these also smell as great as they look, do I 😉

This one is my absolute favorite !!! It’s a PERFECT dupe of the LUSH Snow Cake scent. I bought 3 of them ^^ Asje also does a fantastic dupe of the LUSH Rose Jam and some well known perfumes. I bought 2 of the perfumes, but to be honest I won’t burn those on my burner. I will just put them into a little bowl in my bedroom closet to make my clothes smell nice 🙂

How do you keep your house smell homey ?

Be Happy !!!



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