New Facial Routine – Face Cleaning Brush

Hello all 🙂

About a year ago I first heard about face cleaning brushes. Mechanical cleansing devices that should clean your face better than you can do it with your own hands. I was skeptical and didn’t go with the trend. A few weeks ago I followed a conversation in a Facebook group and it made me curious. A lot of girls were very happy with their face cleansing brush. They almost all agreed that they do cost quite a bit, but they are worth the money. I didn’t want to try it with an expensive one and found a cheap one online.

The 5 in 1 beauty care massager is a cleaning tool and massager in one. I cannot help it, but I’m seeing the ‘As Seen On TV’ sign on it and I went ‘DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?’ I follow Grav3yardgirl on Youtube and she tests as seen on TV things and that is her phrase. Hahaha.

It operates on batteries and isn’t waterproof. That is a little unfortunate, because I wanted to use it under the shower. Now I use it before I get into the shower. Works for me 😉 The device only has 2 settings, Low and High. I can’t say that High is very speedy or hard, but it’s faster than Low. I have the feeling when I use the brush on Low, it struggles a little to keep spinning. You can hear the motor struggling.

The device comes with 5 interchangeable heads. A soft brush, a make up sponge (can be used for soft cleansing as well), a normal sponge, a massage head with 4 rolling balls and a sandpaper pad for buffing feet.

I only used the brush so far and I like it. I always have blackheads on my nose and well … now they are gone !!! I use my brush every two days with a little water and some cleansing soap. It only takes a minute to totally wash my face and then I get into the shower. Thank you to all the ladies that convinced me to try a face cleansing brush !!! It’s AMAZING !!! 😀 

Do you use a face cleansing brush ? 

Be Happy !!!



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  1. keeponsmiling
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 10:23:00

    Haha klees dus da zinnetje “does this thing really work” just lik oe da bunny et zegt.

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  2. vogueinfatuation
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 10:56:17

    Bought one recently too and it’s pretty good!

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  3. OrganicCloud
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 12:51:48

    I use a face steamer (the best thing EVER!), then use the brush, and then put a mask on. I still have a little acne, but my face looks better than ever after I do that.

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