The stinky truth – Comparing deodorant

Hello you all 🙂

Because the weather is getting hotter, that means underarm odors are also more common. No one likes to be able to smell themselves of the person next to you. Because i’m always afraid others will be able to smell me, I always carry around a roll-on deodorant. I can’t use sprays because they set of my migraines. Because I always carry around a roll-on deodorant, I have a few in my bathroom closet, as backup. Or to be able to switch from time to time. Some deodorants I have to re-apply every so hours and some only once a day. I wanted to know what deodorant would keep me freshest the longest 😀 I took 3 new roll-on deodorants from my closet (1 deo and 2 anti-perspirants to be exact) Over the course of 3 weeks I tested them all 3. Each one got tested for a full week, only applying once every day to see how long it would keep me smelling fresh.

Yves Rocher – FRESH Deodorant 24h with Lime From Mexico. There is are no Aluminium Salts or Parabens in this deodorant.  The deo smells like freshly squeezed limes, very refreshing the moment you put it on. The formula takes a little time to dry and is a little sticky at first, but once dry it’s gone. Being a little bit of a larger woman, I have some more flesh touching under the arms, what results in possibly getting underarm smell more quickly than others. This deodorant only kept me smell free for about 2 – 4 hours, depending on how active I was. Because it’s a deodorant ant not an anti-perspirant, it didn’t stop me from sweating. So it’s normal that you can get a little ripe under the arms. But for only 2 hours on active days, that’s not very long. 😦 It certainly doesn’t live up to it’s 24 hour protection promise. This deodorant costs €4.50 / $4.80 (Source: Yves Rocher Belgium)

Dove – Go Fresh 24h with Waterlily and Freshmint. This is an anti-perspirant that has 1/4 moisturizing ingredients and has no Alcohol in it. I kinda regret getting this scent, because it made me think about some laundry detergent my mother used to use, that I didn’t like. Anyhow, I stuck with it for a whole week. The liquid inside is more of a cream and came out either too much or too little. It’s not sticky and dries up pretty fast. Although it claims to be an anti-perspirant, for me it’s no such thing. Even on cold and not so very active days I got sweaty under the arms. It didn’t really keep me fresh for 24 hours either. If I would apply it in the morning, I would be a little smelly in the early afternoon, so no truth in 24 hour protection either. 😦 It did protect me almost as long on active days as on non active days, but that’s the only real plus I can think about. This deodorant costs €1.85 / $2.00 (Source: Voordelig Scheren) The scent is now discontinued. I found other Dove deodorants in my local supermarket for €2.80 / $3.00 (Source: Colruyt Belgium)

Ziaja – Sensitive Creamy Anti-Perspirant. Neutralizes the smell of sweat. Provides long-lasting feeling of freshness. This deodorant is Preservative, Paraben, Colourant or Alcohol free.  After using this one for only two days I knew this would be the winner !!! When I first sniffed the deo, it made me thing about the soap my grandmother always has in her kitchen. It has a light floral scent to it, without being overpowering or anything. The cream is takes a little time to dry, but it feels so soft after it’s dry. I had a few really hot days the past week and this deo (anti-perspirant to be exact) held up for the whole day. I didn’t get sweaty armpits, nor was there any unpleasant odor coming from them ^^ 😀 I would still feel fresh the next morning. This deodorant costs €2.99 / $3.20 (Source: Ziaja website)

After doing this 3 week test, I don’t want to change my deodorant no more. Ziaja is going to be the one I will always use from now one. It’s just fantastic !!! I will use the others when I don’t really need to go out and when I have a calm, non active day. It would be a shame to just throw money, wouldn’t it?

What is your favorite deodorant / anti-perspirant ?

Be Happy !!!



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  1. Dinner at the Zoo
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 23:07:42

    Great review! I have used just plain old secret deodorant for years and it’s been fine. I’ll have to check out some of these brands too, maybe they would work even better for me.

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