Used – Emptied – Discarded (March 2015)

Hello all 🙂

This month I accumulated a ton of used and empty stuff. My jaw dropped when I opened up the box where I keep the stuff in. It was filled to the rim 😮 I think we better get started then, no ? 😉

See I didn’t lie about the ton of stuff 😉 🙂 It’s really more than usual and I don’t know how I used up so much stuff !!! (I think I have cosmetic using elves in the house or something :p )

I’m going to start with the shower stuff, just like i did the past two months. It’s fun to start with that ^^ A bag of Blood Bath – Shower Gel 😀 I found this fun cherry scented shower gel online. I actually didn’t use it yet, but I emptied the blood bag into some empty shower gel bottles, so it’s easier to use in the shower. I’m looking forward on using it though, it smells delicious !!! I’m sorry to see the Imperial Leather – Enchanted Shower Gel go … well I was sorry when I emptied it. It has been in my shower forever, using it bit by bit and now it’s totally gone 😦 OMG that scent !!! So magical !!! If I could I would buy both of these again 🙂 DEFINITELY !!!

These are two shower gels I do not want to use again. The left one was one from a set of 4. It was supposed to be apple scented, but it smelled like chlorine. I’m bummed because I like the scent of apples. Unfortunately not a lot of companies can get the scent right. The other one is Bath & Shower Gel – Milky Dream and I got it in one of the holiday packages from The Beauty Bakery. It has a weird scent to it. I let my boyfriend smell it and even he said that the smell was off. So I’m chucking this one away after only one use. 😦 I feel bad throwing away shower gels 😦

Back to praising some goodies ^^ I love the Coconut Banana Hair Mask from The Beauty Bakery. I know I threw one out last month that I only used half, but this one was nice. The only downside to it is that I had to use a lot at once. The tips of my hair never got coated very well, so they stayed dry. But the smell lasted for a good 2 days, I could not stop smelling myself !!! The L’Oréal Elseve – Huile Extraordinary Oil Conditioner has become my new favorite conditioner 😀 I used to have one from Trésemme, but because it had sold out at boots online, I had to get another one. The smell is amazing !!! (yes I’m all about scents and smells this months 😉 ) It also makes my hair extremely soft.

Now to face products. As always I used up a packet (actually 2 packets but my boyfriend threw the packaging away) of Maxi – Make Up Remover Pads. They are cheap and so good 🙂 I finally emptied my bottle of Bioderma – Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. A bottle twice as big took it’s place already :p I also finally used up my bottle of Payot – Gel Démaquillant D’Tox Cleansing Gel and it has been replaced by another bottle as well 🙂 Both these products are a must have for me. Although I still try out others, I tend to go back to these two. This month I used an insane amount of cleansing wipes. I used up a pack of Essence – My skin mattifying cleansing wipes. I used one last month, normally a pack lasts me at least two months. They are just handy when I do swatches or just to quickly wipe my face when I’m to tired to take my make up of properly. I found that I didn’t really relax a lot or take time for myself last month. I only put on one face mask. A big shame because the Tony Moly Changing U Magic Masks are divine ^^ This one was with royal jelly.

Onto oral hygiene 🙂 I always use the Oral-B – 3D White toothpaste. I don’t have very white teeth, but I think this one doesn’t make them go more yellow than they are now. I love the mouth feel of this toothpaste. And next another The Beauty Bakery product 😉 I totally love their Skin Frosting body lotion. I have a second jar that is half empty 😉

I must totally be boring you all with all the products I got from The Beauty Bakery. I seem to have used a lot of them last month. I saved the wrapper from a Calming Chamomile Bath Bomb Heart. It made me relax when I took a foot bath. Taking a foot bath is something that I do a lot lately. Mostly to heat up my frosty feet. I also saved the label I made for my LUSH – Northern Lights Bath Bomb. I wish I had another one.

Just as last month I have a bunch of samples. Because I had a beauty box and I ordered some stuff that came with samples, I could not resist using those. I had a whole box full of samples and I wanted to make some room for other stuff 😀 Nothing much to say about these samples. I don’t think I will buy a full size of these, but I did enjoy them.

More samples …

And more samples … I am looking into maybe getting a new day cream and the Ziaja one is in the running with some others to become my next daily moisturizer 😉

For my non beauty related item I chose the Maaza – Mango drink. I am so bummed that I can’t find it anywhere. Or I didn’t look good enough or non of the stores that are close to me have it. I love mango !!!

Because it’s spring I cleaned out my make up. A lot of eye pencils got shoved in a corner of the closet and they got damp. I don’t need to say what happens to damp stuff, do I ? Some other stuff just isn’t my color no more, dried out or has been open for waaaay to long. Bye bye and so long !!!

I hope you stayed until the end of all this and you enjoyed seeing all this go. I love to show you what I use. Not because I like to brag, but just for fun.

What did you use last month ?

Be Happy !!!



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