Hello Fresh weekly food box – Unboxing

Hija you all 🙂

I have tested a few food boxes over the past weeks and last week I got the final one I wanted to test. The Hello Fresh box is a weekly box that provides meals for 3 to 5 days. It’s possible to get the box for one to up to 6 persons, so you can cook for the whole family. My biggest motivation to try it was that I wanted to get predefined meals and portions, because I’m still trying to lose weight.

I ordered a box for 5 meals for 2 persons. Look at what whopping huge box came !!! I had asked for it to be delivered on Tuesday after 7 pm, but they came early. I didn’t mind, because I was home at the time 🙂

The box is literally filled to the rim with fresh ingredients. It’s all in the exact quantities you need it in to cook for the amount of persons you order for. I never thought I would get so much. If I try to buy this much, I have a huge bill to pay. This is all totally doable with a smaller budget. 😀

Let me show you what this box had in it 😉

Arugola, green beans and Thai basil.

Tomatoes, aubergine, mushrooms and spring unions.

Rutabaga (swede), apple, potatoes, union (white and red), shallot, red pepper, garlic cloves, ginger root and red radishes.

Brown rice, pasta, pine nuts, cashew nuts and ready-to-bake baguettes.

Beef sausages, ground chicken and white fish.

Rice vermicelli, coconut milk, Baba Anousch, Gadogado base, tomato tapenade and as extra some Holy Soda drink.

And the recipes 🙂

All recipes sounded very yummy ^^ We didn’t make them all, but we did use almost all ingredients from the box making other healthy stuff. We made cocos soup (recipe included in the box), ratatouille and the rest we ate in other dishes. It’s nice to have the recipes, but it’s a little to limiting for me. What if you don’t feel like eating a particular dish, or you are allergic or you don’t like an ingredient. Well that’s why we made our own dishes with what we got. And we enjoyed all ingredients for over a week. I froze in the meat and fish and some of the things kept in the fridge for a long time. 🙂

This is the coconut soup. My boyfriend liked it a lot, I didn’t so much. A little too blend in taste. That won’t stop me from getting another one of these soon ^^

Boxes start from €36 (3 meals/1 person). There is also a vegetarian box and a fruit box. You don’t need to get a box every week if you don’t want to. The subscription is very flexible !!!

If you would like to try this a Hello Fresh weekly food box yourself, you can order one here and get €20 deduction on your first box !!!

Would you order a weekly food box ? 

Be Happy !!!






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