Foodnomads food box – Unboxing

Hello there 🙂

I’m happy today !!! I got my Belgian food box yesterday and I love it, love it, love it ❤ I’m totally over the moon ^^ After the FoodWeLove box, I thought it just couldn’t be better. And Actually it couldn’t, but it could just be as good 😀

Foodnomads takes you on a tour all over the world, every month again. They do themed boxes and strive to make your taste buts tingle time and time again. I like their slogan 🙂

This months theme is After dinner delights. A nice selection of 5 products to eat with some tea or coffee or just after dinner while watching a movie in the sofa. I always want to knibble something when I watch tv or when I’m behind my laptop blogging or working for school. It’s so bad for my diet, but so yummy !!!

I never heard of any brand names I got. Really non of them rang a bell. Isn’t it exciting to try new stuff !?

Don Perolete – Olive Oil Chips: This will sound so blogger cliche, but look at the packaging, isn’t it gorgeous? The cute O with the mustache and the hat and the stylish olive branches. It’s modern and I like it. These Spanish artisan potato chips are made with delicious olive oil and sea salt from Sanlucar  de Barrameda. They tastes exquisite. Yes they are totally gone already, me and my boyfriend ate them together. We had a pre-dinner snack. Totally against the purpose of the box :p You know how potato chips from well known brands have those uniform shaped chips ? Well this brand doesn’t, that’s what it makes so special and yes that’s why they’re artisan. It’s totally charming 🙂

Bienbebido – Come Queso Y Bebe Vino: Who expects a full size bottle of whine in a food tasting box ? Well not me, but as you see, it’s there. A nice Spanish red wine, good to pair with cheese. And I do love my cheeses ❤ Although I’m not much of a whine drinker, especially not a red wine drinker, I want to try this one. I know I’ll save the bottle to set it on the mantle piece with a candle in it.

Nicolas Vahé – Marshmallows: Soft & tasty little marshmallows, who doesn’t swoon for this ? In your hot cocoa, with your coffee, roasted over a fire, or just plain. How do you like your marshmallows best ?

Nicolas Vahé – Chocolate Fondue: White chocolate & raspberries sound like a yummy combination 🙂 However white chocolate isn’t my favorite chocolate. I’m a pure black lover. The ceramic container is made so you can use it to heat up the chocolate in, au bain marie. I hope to enjoy this bit of France with those yummy marshmallows. Dunking them into the molten white gold 😉 will be delightful 😉

Zaabär – Dark Chocolate Bar: Pure dark Belgian chocolate with coriander from Laos. Even Belgian things can be a little exotic at times 🙂 The combination of herbs and chocolate sound very interesting. I would never come up with something like that. I love the way the chocolate is vacuum packed. It’s going to be perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon or after dinner :p

This box wasn’t so packed full of stuff as the other one was, but we get to taste amazing products that are sourced from all over the world, specially for us 😀 Who doesn’t love that ?! Just as the other box, I want to subscribe for the monthlies 😀

You can subscribe (or buy a seperate box) at (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM) You can also gift a box to a friend if you want to surprise them.

A single box (without subscription) is €27.95 without shipping. Free shipping within Belgium.

A monthly subscription is €24.95 a month (you can cancel the subscription monthly)

Are you just as excited about this box like I am ? What do you think ?

Be Happy !!!



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