Used – Emptied – Discarded (February 2015)

Hello all :p

It’s that time of the month again to give you an overview of the stuff I emptied or discarded this month. I’m doing it early because I’m planning so much things in March. Let’s start ?!

As you see there is not a substantial amount. I used up some samples and am currently trying out some new products. 🙂 My usual products have been neglected a little.

For the first time I’m saying goodbye to a LUSH product. It’s not with a great sadness, but with sadness none the less. Rose Jam is (was) not my favorite scent. It’s a little to ‘granny’ smelling for me. I also love a little more masculine smells like the Tropical Woods from Tahiti. Every time I showered with it, it made me think of the few pleasant memories I have of my father 🙂

These are a few products I didn’t use until they were empty. The It’s Skin – Banana Cleansing Foam made my skin to dry, so that’s why I’m throwing it out. I’m so very sorry to see my The Beauty Bakery – Hair Mask go. I used it three times and I had itchy hair and a terrible dry scalp afterwards. It also didn’t do anything for my hair. It stayed dry and tangled 😦 Too bad, it smells so great. My Yves Rocher – Bio Specific Ultra Matt Day Cream and the Alba – Terra Tints Purple Lipbalm were to old to still use. They got a funky smell, you know that stale yukky smell. 😦

My body and hands really enjoyed these two products. I got the mini Molton Brown – Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion as a gift and got very excited about it. I’m bummed it’s empty and the price of a fullsize is over the top. I wish I could get my hands on another Honey – Hand Cream. It left my hand smelling of sweet, sweet honey. I could not stop smelling my hands and it also made me hungry 🙂 My friend in Singapore got it for me in a swap package. I don’t think I’ll find a scrumptious smelling hand cream here.

My darling little samples finally get used. They are almost all Korean brands. For hydrating my skin I used Skinfood – Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask, It’s Skin – Power 10 Formula VC Effector, Hera – Waterin, SKIN79 – SUE Hydrating Fluid, Missha – Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Cream and Etude House – Play Therapy Moist Up! Sleeping Pack. My skin got a good scrubbing with the Skinfood – Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off.  Although I do regret using it. A scrubbing particle got into eye and it hurt like hell. Bugged me for 4 days. The little container in the far right corner was send to me by a friend of mine fron Austratia. It’s the Sealicious – Hand & Nail Cream. Waauw what a hand cream !!! 😮 I wish shipping from Australia to Belgium wasn’t so high.

The Maxi – Make Up Remover Pads are an almost monthly recurring item 😉 I went through 2 packs this month. Another item that will make a regular appearance is the packet of Essence – My skin mattifying cleansing wipes. I love them, but don’t use them all the time. I have never relaxed so much as when I put on the Holika Holika – Lavender Tea Sheet Mask. The aromatic lavender almost made me fall asleep 🙂

No non beauty related item this month. Nothing really stood out enough to make me wanting to show it to you. Don’t fear, I’ll find something next month 😉

How many products do you empty every month ?

Be Happy !!!



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