FoodWeLove food box – Unboxing

Hello all of you 😉

I’m a girl that likes to eat and I don’t know about you, but most people I know like to stuff their faces with yummy goodies. I was wondering if there would be companies that sell (monthly) food boxes. I found 2 that send to Belgium without having outrages shipping costs. The one is a Dutch box and the other a Belgian. I got the Dutch box today. I’ll be unboxing the Belgian box as soon as it arrives.

FoodWeLove is a very appropriate name for a food box full of tasty things 🙂 I was actually waiting impatiently to try a box like this for the very first time.

I was very happy with the theme of this box. Every month there is another theme. That is just super, you can taste the whole world that way. Indian food is one of my favorite types of food. I’m a big fan of curries ^^ Chicken curry, beef curry, veggie curry … YUM !!!

When I opened the box I was so thrilled !!! Look at all them goodies ^^ There are 10 different things in this box, 2 recipe cards (with 2 recipes each) and a letter with the food descriptions and stories behind the products. Half of the product I have never tasted before, so that is going to be an adventure on its own 😀

Patak’s – Pappadums: I always hear Jamie Oliver talk about these, but I never had them. Regular flat breads made from lentils and rice flour. Perfect to eat with your main or as a snack or how about paring it with your favorite curry or serve with the aperitif ?

Green Age – Red Lentils: Not a lot to say about these. Lentils to use in soup, in a curry or to put in a salad. I ate lentils before and I wasn’t a big fan. This gives me the opportunity to try them again.

The Man With The Pan – Bombay Chicken: For when you want an easy to make meal without having to call the take away instead. This packet contains the spice mix. On the back are easy to follow instructions how to prepare the dish. Pictures show you every step, so a person that hardly can bake an egg, can put a pretty impressive dish on the table.

Sharwood’s – Mild Curry Paste: This is by far the most favorite product in the box ^^ Curry ^^ YAY !!! This will be perfect as a base for a fantastic chicken or beef curry or to use in my soups. I can’t wait to use it !!! Sharwood’s is a brand that doesn’t use artificial colors or flavorings. Only herbs for a taste explosion.

Ghee Easy – Ghee: Indian clarified butter, but this one is made in the Netherlands, from Dutch bio-butter. It’s perfect to cook Indian food. Actually it’s good for everything, baking, cooking, frying. I’m curious how this will taste. I usually use coconut oil or olive oil to cook with.

Sourcy – Holy Soda: Funny name for soda :p This one is flavored with apple and raspberry. Mmm mouth watering combo !!! It’s sweetened with Stevia (a little plant) instead of sugar. So that makes it low in calories. It’s also 100% natural. I don’t see the content of this bottle surviving the week :p

Pukka – Three Ginger Tea: This Ayurvedic tea (Indian health teachings) is a combination of Ginger, Galangal and Turmeric. I opened this box and a very spicy smell filled my nose. I will have to write a tea blog about it ^^ 😉

Sharwood’s – Mango Chutney: Another product by the Sharwood’s company. Never had it and it looks very appealing. Mango is one of my favorite fruits and I really love the taste.

Maaza – Mango juice: YAY mango again ^^ I think I’ll use this in one of y morning smoothies and drink the rest when I come back from school one day next week or make a Lassi with it. The recipe is on one of the recipe cards that is in the box.

BitesWeLove – No. 40 Tropical Tutti Frutti: I immediately made the link with India. I always see dried fruits when I watch a cooking show that travels trough India. BitesWeLove is a little sister company of FoodWeLove. You can subscribe for a weekly snack box with 4 snacks. I never though these wouldn’t survive me writing a blog about them :p The last piece just disappeared in my mouth. There were so good !!! 😀

Now you seen why I’m so very thrilled about this food box! I got this one seperately, without any subscription, because I wanted to try it first. I do want a subscription now 😀

You can subscribe (or buy a seperate box) at (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM) You can also gift a box to a friend if you want to surprise them.

A single box (without subscription) is €27.50 without shipping. Free shipping within The Netherlands.

A monthly subscription is €24.95 a month (you can cancel the subscription monthly)

They also have special one-off boxes with a special theme. These are also €27.50 a piece.

A lot of different food boxes are available all over the world, I’m sure you will find one that is exactly what you are looking for 🙂

What would you like to get in a food box ?

Be Happy !!!



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  1. Hollie Black-Ramsey (@MC_Knocked_Up)
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 21:56:24

    That’s quite a lot of stuff!! Looks like a sweet deal!

    Liked by 1 person


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