NEW! Solid Shampoo Bar – LUSH review

Hello all 🙂

You all know I bought a fair bit of LUSH products in December / January. I didn’t show all I bought, but you’ll see it being reviewed bit by bit 😉 I’m going to have a ball !!! Today, after a few weeks of testing, I got the NEW! solid shampoo bar for you.

As you can see it’s a nice red bar with bits of cinnamon in it. The first time I smelled it, I hated it. Maybe because I had a killer migraine at the time. Now it smells heavenly to me. I love the smell of cinnamon and cloves. 😀 There is also some peppermint present, that makes me feel so refreshed in the morning.

This baby is not bigger than a hokey puck and weights in at 55 grams. I thought that it would be bigger. It seems so small comparing it to my huge bottle of shampoo. The bar should last you 60 to 80 washes, what is quite a lot for such a small bar. ^^

To not have to put the whole thing in the bathroom, I sliced mine in half. Wrapped and labeled the remaining half and put it away safely with my other treasured LUSH stuff 😉 You can buy a metal storage tin from lush to put your bar in, but I just took a little (pretty old-fashioned) plastic Tupperware container. I’ve been using my NEW! bar half for a couple of weeks now. It shrunk a bit, but it’s far from gone. 🙂 At the rate it’s disappearing, this half will last me at least a few more months. I tend to use it once or twice a week and use another shampoo in between.

When I wash my hair I rub the bar in my wet hands. As you can see, it lathers up pretty well. Then put the foam onto my hair and repeat until I have enough to clean my hair. I never ever rub the bar directly onto my hair. That takes to much product and then the bar doesn’t last as long. I wish LUSH would make a conditioner that smelled like their NEW! shampoo bar. That would just be perfect. The smell of the bar doesn’t linger in my hair 😦 BUMMER 😦 And there is the need to use conditioner after using the solid shampoo. I don’t mind that at all. To be honest, my hair is softer and has a nicer sheen to it when I use my NEW and then my regular conditioner, than when I use my normal shampoo and then the same conditioner. Like it works better with the solid shampoo, than with the liquid one. I do get better looking and a better quality of hair with my NEW! shampoo. It doesn’t itch, flakes or knots as it used to. ^^ I’m seriously considering switching completely to solid LUSH shampoos when I finish my liquid one 😀

You can buy the 55 gram NEW! solid shampoo bar online or at your favorite LUSH shop for £5.75 / €8.95 /$11.95.

Have you tried a LUSH solid shampoo yet?

Be Happy !!!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yay Interiors
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 12:14:14

    That’s sound amazing! I don’t think i have bought anything in Lush! I must try it!

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  2. chrisyisblogging
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 13:39:09

    This looks pretty awesome I am amazed it foamed so much, thanks for sharing

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  3. Leah
    Feb 15, 2015 @ 18:58:07

    I’ve never tried solid shampoo, but I’m shocked that that little thing last 60-80 washes-wow!

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  4. Gabi
    Oct 07, 2015 @ 16:16:16

    I have Honey I Washed the Kids and bought the little tin as well which I think it’s more for travel then an every day use cuz the bottom
    of my bar got a little sunk in after the first use cuz I left a tiny bit of water in there. I just make sure it’s fully dry before putting it away now. I completely love mine and use it in belween other shampoo as well. Yours sounds great, may have to pick it up to switch up. Think their solid shampoos are one of my favorite products. May have to start cutting mine in half so they can last longer, great idea 🙂

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