Tea Tree & Witch Hazel – Boots HAUL

Hey there 😉

As most girls I like shopping, actually what girl doesn’t like to shop ? Whether it’s online or in an actual shop I LOVE IT !!! ^^ One of my favorite online shops is Boots. Since I started to shop there, I have been introduced to products that I can’t easily find here. Some of my favorite products come from Boots. Just wonderful !!! They have their own brand of skincare and I got in hauling mode. I didn’t buy the whole line, because that would have been too much at once 😉

I got troubled skin and I have not yet found the perfect thing to keep my skin clear from blackheads and spots. I’m hoping this one will do the trick 😉 I’ll be reviewing some of these later on ofcourse !

Facial scrub and facial wash with active charcoal in it. I currently have charcoal soap from Fortune Cookie Soap and that’s almost finished. It helped to clear some of my face demons. I hope these 2 will make the progress even bigger 🙂 The facial wash was £4.25 / €5.70 / $6.47 and the facial scrub £4.59 / €6.20 / $6.99. Both are 150 ml so that’s a pretty good price I think.

I love masks and I was thrilled when I was that they had some ^^ An Intense Deep Cleaning Facial Mask with active charcoal and a clear Peel Off Face Mask. The charcoal face mask set me back £3.59 / €4.80 / $5.47. The Peel Off mask only cost me £2.99 / €4.00 / $4.55. That’s the price I expected to pay for 50 ml masks.

Cleansing & Toning Lotion is something that can not be missed in my daily routine. My usual cleanser is almost gone and it’s a little to expensive to     buy again at the moment. Let’s hope this budget friendly does just as well 🙂 I also got some Back Spray. I was curious if it would help me get rid of the spots I get under my bra straps. It’s supposed to be anti-bacterial. The cleansing & toning lotion was £3.59 / €4.80 / $5.47 and the back spray was £4.99 / € 6.72 / $7.60. Both are 150 ml.

Because I can’t wash my face with charcoal wash every day, I also got a Foaming Facial Wash. It’s always good to have a daily cleaning solution. This one is very liquid and come with an instant foam dispenser. The foaming face left me £3.59 / €4.80 / $5.47 out of pocket. Pretty well prices for 150 ml.

I had one of these from Anatomicals, but I dropped it and it broke 😦 It’s a Spot Wand. The day and night side both have doe foot applicators to apply directly to the spots. It should help to get rid of them or at least calm them down quickly. This nifty little thing cost me £3.59 / €4.80 / $5.47. What is maybe a little much, but it should be worth every penny 😉 Both sides are 35 ml.

What products do you use to keep your skin clean and crisp ?

Be Happy !!!



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  1. earlleighdesigns
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 18:06:54

    I’d love to see what results you get! Tea tree and witch hazel seems like a gentle combination.

    Liked by 1 person


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