Used – Emptied – Discarded (January 2015)

Hello to you all 🙂

I’m a early with my monthly used and discarded items this time 😀 ^^ January was the month of cleaning my closets for stuff that needed to be used, were half empty, almost empty or to far past expiry date.

This is the ‘little’ collection I got 🙂 A happy mix of beauty and lovable sugary goods.

Starting of with some of my hair care for under the shower. TRESemmé – Color Vibrance Protection Conditioner is one of my staple conditioners. I order it online at boots and I really need to get another order in for a big bottle. I used the Pantene – Color Protection conditioner because I needed a new one. To be honest, it wasn’t the best conditioner I tried. It made my hair itchy and I got another bottle in the closet 😦 I might just get rid of it or save it for when I really have nothing else no more. Because I got dandruff I’m using the L’oréal – Elseve Anti-dandruff shampoo every other time i wash my hair. I’m looking into more natural/home-made remedies for my flaky scalp at the moment.

More haircare / hair related products. After a month of rest I re-dyed my hair with the Syoss – Mixing Colors in color Black Berry Mix. It’s pretty dark and I love it. I might go back to my previous brand because that one had a more red undertone. But this one is so suitable for winter and dark days ^^ Because I haven’t been to the hairdresser in almost a year now, I’m getting split ends. I really should take care of those ! The Schwarzkopf – Bonacure Repair Intense Leave-In treatment helps with untangling my knotted and damaged hair. Yes I know that coloring my hair won’t do it any good, but I hate my natural brown hair. I like my hair together and no strand out of place when I wear it in a ponytail. Every stray hair, loose strand and run away piece gets pinned into place with bobby pins. Those little rascals keep getting lost after I take them out. I blame the cat 😉 :p A pack of Accessories – Bobby Pins trough the drain. Ow well, they don’t cost the world. As for fixating those damn stray hairs on windy days or special occasions I use Nivea – Color Protect Styling Spray. Another one has already taken the place of the empty one. Ofcourse 😀

Onto skincare 🙂 These 3 products all went bad on me 😦 The Montagne Jeunesse – Dark Chocolate Deep Cleansing Mask I liked a lot, sadly it went bad before I could use the entire tube. I got 5 uses out of it and there is still 5 uses left. If it didn’t smell bad I would still be using it. I can’t tell when I got the next two products. I got them from my mother, like over 7 years ago. I kept them just because I had the room for them. So bye bye Decleor – Mattifying Lotion and Yves Rocher – Purifying Lotion. I throw them out with pain in my heart. 😦

These are some samples that I used during the past month. I’m contemplating on getting a fullsize of the Skinfood – Royal Honey Hydro Cream and the Skinfood – Royal Honey Toner. Especially the toner is very much to my liking ^^ It smells divine 😀  To get my skin back to a acceptable state, I tried to use the Evocure – Skin DNA Repair Cream. It didn’t do a lot for me. I had dry spots on my chin and they didn’t go away. I did however enjoy the texture and the smell of the cream.  As a beginning LUSH addict, I had to try the Tea Tree Tabs. I heard and read noting but good about them 🙂 Well I can’t say I totally agree with all what I read and heard. I might have to use it on a more regular basis and see if it really does what they say it does. This one off try was to little to tell. So these will definitely be back !!!

Only one sad little shower gel this time. I’ve been switching showergels throughout the month. Taking another one with me almost every time I got into the shower. Really I started so much different bottles !!! This The Body Shop – Early Harvest Raspberry showergel was fantastic for mornings. Th tangy smell woke me up time after time 🙂

Another toothbrush was needed as well. I change my toothbrush every 2-3 months and this time I kept it to show you. My Aquafresh – Flex Hard was replaced with exactly the same one, but in light blue 😉

After talking about how I keep my teeth clean, I go on with some cookies ^^ Yummy Oreo Bites with Hazelnuts. These bite size little sticks are perfect to take to school or to take with me when I go out and about.

I won’t elaborate about these 3 Gryphon teas, I have a special blog piece for them planned in the near future 😉

That’s all for my empties this month. I hope to show you another interesting bunch of products next month 😀

Do you throw out a lot of stuff during or at the end of the month ? Let me know in the comments !!!

Be Happy !!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer Corter
    Feb 03, 2015 @ 16:41:18

    What a great post idea! That’s a lot of awesome stuff, those Oreos look especially yummy!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Rhys
    Feb 21, 2015 @ 18:55:18




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