Used – Emptied – Discarded (December 2014)

Hello everyone 🙂

I’ve waited a little long this month to bring you my monthly ‘Used – Empties and Discarded‘. It’s a hectic time for the moment. I got exams coming up and all my spare time, actually all my time goes to working for school. But I make some time to blog. As it’s my favorite past-time lately. The support I get from all of you is huge. It really makes me happy that a lot of you keep coming back time and time again 😀 ^^

I’m quite proud of what I used or threw away this month 🙂 It was more than I thought it would be.

I’ve been experimenting with home made the past month / month and a half, so pré-made masks became rare for me to use. I do still enjoy them very much. The Etude House – Yogurt Strawberry sheetmask was one of the best I tried so far. I had a very smooth and refreshed skin afterwards. The Skinfood – Rice Wash Off I normally use a couple times a year. I have a bunch of samples of it 😉 The only thing I can say that this time it made my face really really dry. I have no clue why, rice bran water should be super moisturizing. The Anatomicals – Deep Conditioning Hair Pack made me realize I need a better conditioner !!! Or I need to cut my hair a little. Just get it refreshed because it’s very damaged. The hair pack only gave me one day of smooth and soft hair. The next day it was like every other day. A birdsnest sitting on the back and on top of my head. Still I got to say, if my hair would have been healthier, it would have been just perfect ! I would purchase all 3 again if I came across them ^^

Only 1 showergel/cream this time, but also a shampoo. Anatomicals – Peach Shampoo For Suicidal Hair was great to use. Although I have to admit I didn’t emptie it all on my own. The last half was used by my boyfriend. He just loved to wash his shaved head with it, because it made his head feel clean. When I used it, it did the same for my hair. Really make it clean and make it fall out less as well 🙂 One of the best showergels I tried from Yves Rocher is they Pear-Caramel shower cream. Nice creamy, soft and pretty sweet smelling. I almost wanted to eat it. I just hate that it was a limited edition 😦 On the bright side … I still got 2 bottles of the good stuff ^^

This months favorite I have to say was the Fortune Cookie Soap – No Good Deed whipped body butter sample, from their limited edition Witch Please collection. Smelling like freshly baked gingerbread, mmm, heavenly :p I’m so bummed it’s gone, I tried to make it last as long as possible. The Tony Moly – Mini Bunny handcreams have been in my closet for a very long time. I finally got round to try them out and blah I didn’t like them at all !!! They made my hands burn. It was a stinging, tingling, slight burning sensation. That is not what I like at all. So they will be dumped into the bin. Bye bye !!!

This is another item that will be thrown away. It served his purpose and dried out eventually. So I say goodbye to you too Yves Rocher – Lash Plumping Mascara.

Just like last month I use another full pack of Maxi – Make Up Remover Pads. Using it for removing polish from my nails, cleaning my face at night and toning it in the morning. Not a lot of things I can tell about it. Only that I got another 4 packs in my closet waiting to be used 😉 Yes I love them 🙂

As every months there is a non-beauty related product. Well you can say this is a little beauty related … I see my clothing as a beauty item as well. I can’t run around naked can I now ? Robijn – Sensation Purple Orchid & Blueberries fabric softener made my laundry soft and smelling fantastic for a long time !!! Unfortunately it was sold out last time I went to the store to pick up another bottle 😦

What did you use this month ? Leave me a comment below 😉

Be Happy !!!



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  1. beautytricker
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 16:12:48

    I just LOVED the limited edition from Yves Rocher. Too bad I only got one bottle. 😦



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