Let’s go nuts – Facial/Body Scrub DIY

Hello to all of you 🙂

You might have got the idea by now that I really love to DIY and to experiment in my kitchen 😉 Yes I really, really love it !!! So I hope that it doesn’t bore you by now. I believe that in winter you should pamper your body even more than in summer. Less sunlight, harsh cold winds make for dryer skin and less skin rejuvenation. Also the demise of your nice summer tan can prompt you into taking less care of your body. So let’s pamper ourselves and look our very best this winter ^^

This week we concentrate on scrubbing the face. To get rid of old skin and dirt that stubbornly clings onto our facade.

Hazelnut – Yogurt Facial Scrub:

* 15 hazelnuts (or any organic nut you would like to use)

* 2 tablespoons of yogurt (cottage cheese, cream cheese and heavy cream would work as well)

Take your nuts and grind them. You can use a pestle and mortar, but I found out that a plastic freezer bag and a rolling pin or glass bottle work just as well. You can grind the nuts as coarse or as fine you want. The picture shows how fine I got mine after bashing my nuts for a minute or 3. In retrospect, I should have made my nuts a little finer. But it worked out fine though 🙂

Mix in the yogurt (or whatever you are using) until the nuts are well distributed. You can now use the scrub. Just smear it on the face and rub in circular motions. What is left of the mixture you can use to scrub your body. Or just only use it for your body 😉

I would not recommend to store this scrub in the refrigerator.  Maybe for 1 or 2 days, but nor for longer, due to the yogurt. That might go bad pretty quick. If you want to make a little batch for your face only? Just half the recipe 😀

Let me know if you would like me to continue my DIY series throughout the winter 🙂 If you have a suggestion for my next DIY, please leave a comment ^^

Be Happy !!!



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