Flakes, breaks and blood are history – Lipbalm DIY

Hello everyone 🙂

Last week we made ourselves lip scrub for kissable lips. This time we are going to make sure those lips last all day long !!! Nothing worse than having done your lips to perfection and still they get dry during the day. Happens to me all the time. And it sucks 😦 The money I spend on buying lipbalms and chapsticks is not ginormous, but still … it’s a cost that could be lowered. Curious what I made now ?

This is all I needed for it. I still had some aluminium lipbalm containers laying around. They are perfect to send someone samples in as well ^^ I cleared out 2 chapstick tubes that were as good as gone anyway. Just got all the leftover product out if them and rinsed them in soapy water. I also cleared out a lipbalm in a pot. And found some more possible storage containers. Enough to make 2 different lipbalms ^^

Before you start I want to say this: Please be carefull !!! Hot oils and waxes are involves in making these lipbalms !!! Don’t handle without gloves or heat protective hand-ware. When the mixture is cooling, please leave it to cool for at least 15 minutes before touching the containers with your bare hands !!! Children, please ask the help of a parent !!! 

Now that is said … let’s begin making goodies 😀

Vanilla Lipbalm:

* 1 tablespoon of raw filtered beeswax

* 4 tablespoons of unscented coconut oil

* 10 – 15 drops of vanilla essence or scent of choice (please be careful with strong scents, they need less drops)

* heat proof melting cup (I used disposable aluminium trays) 

* pan with boiling water

* spoon to stir

* containers to store the lipbalm in

How to make the lipbalm:

* Put your pan on the store with a few centimeters / inches of water in. Let that boil.

* Place your wax and oil in your melting cup.

* Stir gently until all is melted.

* Add the 10 – 15 drops of vanilla essence.

* Stir again.

* Pour the still liquid mixture into your containers. 

* Let set until fully hardened on room temp of put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

I didn’t take pictures of my actually melting the wax and oil. That would resulted in my burning my fingers or just tipping my bowl :p Yes I’m a cluts 😉 So I have this nice yellow tinted lipbalm that smells nicely of vanilla. The chapstick turned out well, it works like a charm. The consistency is just perfect, not to soft and not hard. It melts right on your lips. And to be honest, I never had a chapstick/lipbalm that felt this good on my lips. Normally it feels like film that on them, but this one just feels good 😀

Soothing Honey Lipbalm:

* 1.5 tablespoon of raw filtered beeswax

* 4 tablespoons of coconut oil

* 1.5 teaspoon of honey

* heat proof melting bowl

* pan with boiling water

* spoon for stirring

* containers for storage

How to make the lipbalm:

* Place your pot on the stove and fill with a few centimeters/inches of water. Let it boil.

* Put the beeswax, coconut oit and honey in your melting bowl.

* Stir until all is melted.

* Pour the hot liquid into your containers.

* Let them set until fully hardened. You can also put them into the fridge to speed up the process.

This is the lovely lipbalm I ended up with 🙂 It’s lovely soft, yet firm. A little softer than the vanilla one, due to the honey. The chapstick had a little difficulty coming out of the tube and doesn’t want to go down in it’s own, but that is due to the kind of tube I used. I think. It doesn’t smell very hard of honey. Still it’s perfect for cracked and broken lips. Honey is anti-bacterial and healing. It’s also nicer for me on my lips than a store bought chapstick/lipbalm.

For a longer shelf life of your lipbalm you can add a capsule of vitamin E to the hot lipbalm mixture. I didn’t have any, nor did I know where to get them. But it’s just for a little more nourishment of the lips and a longer shelf life of the lipbalm.

Would you consider making you own lipbalm ? Let me know in the comment section 😉 Any suggestions for other lipbalm scents or ways to make them are also welcome 😀

Be Happy !!!



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