Used – Emptied – Discarded (November 2014)

Hello all 😀

My second part of this series ^^ YAY I’ll definitely keep this up !!! Me and committing to something … hah … it’s like ice-cream and sunshine … lol. I once said to myself that I would blog more regularly … like maybe twice a week. That didn’t work out though. So now I blog whenever I have some time off from school, schoolwork and housework 🙂

Here are this months used products:

It’s not as much as last month.I didn’t really have a lot of time to pamper myself.

Only 2 masks, but they were lovely and both very relaxing 😉 Van Der Hoog – Madly Mango Melon was totally my thing. A clear fresh smelling mask that did exactly as it said on the package. Hydrating and cooling. The L’Action – Vital hydration mud mask was good too, but not really my thing. A little to footcream like texture. And I don’t want footcream on my face … lol.

Original Source – Coconut is a showergel of one of my favorite brands. I found it on the boots website. It didn’t really smell like coconut, more like sheabutter. Super showergel nonetheless. I will definitely buy it again if I got the chance (and if my stash goes down a bit :p) Fa – Sensual&Oil Argon, Marula & Almond Oil is perfect to relax after a tiresome day. It left my skin soft and smooth every time 🙂 Very happy to buy these two again when the opportunity presents itself ^^

Next up are my ‘nail related’ things. I can’t believe I went through this bottle of Everyday – Nail polish remover without Acetone. I didn’t even do my nails very much over the past few months. My Maxi – make up remover pads are my go to remover everything pads 😀 For make up and for nail polish. I finally used up my Essence – fast dry top coat. Took me over a year though. I refilled the bottle with my new top coat. Inm – Out The Door. An American brand and I love it ❤ !!! Super fast drying and it doesn’t mess up nail art.

Normally I should re-color my hair after 6 weeks, but after 4 weeks it looked like it could use a new color boost.  Schwartzkopf – Live Color XXL (46 Cyber Purple): I’ll say the same thing about it as last week. It stinks enormously. The ammonia goes trough the roof. But this time I used it in the bathroom. That is better ventilated than my livingroom 😀 Last month I said I would not buy this one again, but so far I haven’t found a good alternative. I want a good, cheap(ish) coloring that gives off a vibrant dark purple color. If anyone knows one … please let me know in the comment section 🙂

I bought these Lifecare – Heatingpatches at my local Action store. I used one and I will just throw away the rest, or give them to a person that wants them. The one patch I used, I used on my lower back. After it had stopped giving of heat. I tried to remove it. That didn’t go smooth. It left me with a bloodshot outline of the patch and I still (after 2 weeks) have a dry itchy skin where the patch has been. So I won’t buy this product EVER again.

Every month I’ll try to include something that has nothing to do with beauty. This lovely DécoTime – Make your own Christmas pendants kit is the one thing I selected this month. What I’m going to tell you next, I’m telling you with a little shame. I went trough 3 of those boxes in just 2 weeks time. It was a good way to spend my time in front of the tv at night. At the same time I have lovely home-made decorations for my Christmas tree ^^ YAY !!!

What did you enjoy using this month ? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Be Happy !!!



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