Introducing Mckfresh Nail Attire – Guestblog Briana

Hi everyone,

My name is Briana, I’m from Australia and when Stephanie asked me if I wanted to do a guest blog post the first thing that came to mind was a post on my most favourite Australian Indie brand Mckfresh Nail Attire. A relatively new brand, they celebrated their first birthday earlier in the year but has already grown in leaps and bounds.

Today I want to share some swatches from the latest collection based on the 90’s kids TV show, Captain Planet. This collection is made up with 8 heavy duty glitters. These are meant to be worn in 2-3 coats on their own building to full opaqueness with no need to a base coat. All the swatches below were done with 3 coats of the polish with no base coat. The formula on these is really good, because it has a high density of smaller glitters these apply quite smoothly and you don’t need to worry so much about the dabbing or placement of glitters.


First we have Water. A gorgeous blue filled with small glitters and then accented with larger blue to green holo glitters.


This macro shot of the bottle better shows the different glitters, all the polishes in this collection are made up of the same formula, highly concentrated smaller glitters with larger complimentary glitters.


Next we have Peace And Harmony. I know you don’t believe me but I swear because its highly concentrated glitter its not that bad to remove when you’ve finished oohing and aahing over it (which will take a while). A bit of acetone based remover and you’re good to go.


This yellow based beauty is Wind. I am a sucker for a yellow polish and as soon as I saw the pre-release bottle shot of this one I was an impatient bunny waiting to jump all over it and it did not disappoint. It is stunning!


The last polish from the collection that I have worn is I Am Captain Pollution. Captain Pollution may be the villain of the show but this polish certainly isn’t the villain in the collection. Just as much love for this polish as the rest of them. This one is a little different in that there are more medium glitters and less smaller ones but it’s still easy enough to apply and looks fantastic on.


The four other polishes in the collection are left to right, Heart, The Power Is Yours, Earth and Fire and right now Heart is screaming out at me, why haven’t you worn me yet!!?

Now before you start telling me aww but Briana we don’t like glitter bombs, its ok, Kate is not a one trick pony, no she has a little something for everyone. Below are a couple of random pics from various past collections. One of my all time favs is Lakeside Sunset from last years spring collection.



I think what may be classed as her best seller is Giles from her Sunnydale Collection released late last year.

And two from a collection based on The Goosebumps books released also recently, Horrorland another glitter and a duo-chrome Becareful What You Wish For.



Now that Ive got your appetite sufficiently wet you’re probably wondering where you can buy these beauties. Mckfresh Nail Attire polishes retail for $10 each and you can find the home base of Mckfresh Nail Attire over at her Etsy store ( with some international shipping available. You can purchase her polishes from international stockists Femme Fatale Cosmetics ( and Mei Mei Signatures ( . Or if your lucky enough to live in Newcastle then you can head down to Blue Star Elements on Darby street where the stock a range of shades or head over to the Hunt & Gather Sunday market and meet the queen of glitter city herself.

Thanks for reading my little post and thank you to Stephanie for asking me to contribute. For more swatches check out my Instagram account @briemmara (


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