Urban Decay NAKED 2 – dupe swatches

Heey all,

I’ve been dying to do this little blog for a while now. I LOVE the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette, but it is a little bit (very much) to expensive for me. My bank account doesn’t like to be molested :p So I got researching for some good dupes. I didn’t want to wait 4 weeks for it, so no Asian fakes for me. After a 2 weeks I got these two palettes: W7 In the Buff and Makeup Revolution Iconic 2.  I’m not going to compare them with the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette, but I think it’s worth it to see them side by side.

I found the W7 In The Buff palette on www.freshmintcosmetics.nl for €8.49 ($11.50) and the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette on www.makeuprevolutionstore.com for €5 ($6.70).

The In The Buff palette is a nice sturdy metal case with 12 very nice colors in it. The letters on the case are raised. The brush provided is a brush on one side and a foam applicator on the other side. Color names from left to right: Buff, Camel, Sand, Dust, Chocolate, Topaz, Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder, Onyx.

It’s unfortunate that the beautiful colors of the Iconic 2 palette do not have names. On picture they look a bit pale, but they look as strong as the In The Buff palette. This palette is a little bigger, more color for you money 🙂 They are a bit more shimmery too.  The plastic case is not to lightweight and the clear lid gives you an overview of the colors. I think it’s a little shame the applicator is a double foam applicator and doesn’t have a brush.

I took the picture outside against the brick wall because it gave me the perfect lighting and even the lighter shades are better visible that way. The top colors are the W7 ones. You can see that some of the bottom colors are slightly more yellow and brighter than the top ones. I could not catch the shimmer on the picture 😦 Sorry 😦 But non the less they look very similar and could be a double of one an other. I’m very happy that I found these good budget palettes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little piece 😉

Be Happy !!!



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  1. Souky
    Apr 09, 2016 @ 03:12:22

    First of all thanks for the review 🙂 so because you have them both in the buff and the iconic 2 witch one you loved the most and do you recommend for me please

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