Deauty Box – June 2014

Hi all ūüôā

It’s that time of the month again, so I will be reviewing my Deauty Box again.

Because the content of the box was so great the past two months, I renewed my subscription. And I do regret that a little bit now. Although the box was filled with nice things, it feels like they put in some leftovers. (That’s when you compare it to the past two months)


“The summer is at our doorstep, the countdown can begin! Do you look forward to long days, sun, sea and beach? We do! That’s why your Deauty Box in June is packed with summery Back from the Beach-goodies, so your skin and hair will still keep on looking great after a day at the beach!”

Let’s take a look what is inside the box: Caudali – Vinosource S.O.S. Serum, Garnier – Eye Cleansing Lotion¬†¬†Express 2 in 1, Evocure – Skin DNA Repair Cream, Batiste – Dryshampoo, Rainpharma – Shower Scrub.

It feels a bit like this box was put together very fast and in little time. We already got scrub in April the Garnier Eye Cleansing Lotion was very dusty when it arrived, like it had been sitting on e shelve for ages. ūüė¶ That’s the reason I score this box 6/10.

Caudalie – Vinosource S.O.S. Serum (travelsize 10 ml)

“Help! Does your skin starts to look more like the Sahara dessert because of the sun and the sea? Then this serum is what you need. Caudalie has especially developed it to regain full moisture in the deepest skin layer, so you see those nice red apple cheeks again in no time. This serum is oil free and doesn’t clog your pores, so even the most sensitive skin can use this product. Besides that it’s very concentrated and 97% natural. The ‘saving’ ingredients: grape extract and the holy hyaluronic acid. Put it on in the morning and evening on a cleansed face.” Full size 30ml – retail price ‚ā¨30.62 ($41.80)

Garnier – Eye Cleansing Lotion Express 2 in 1 (fullsize 125ml) — For the purpose of the picture, I shook the bottle first

” Taking of your make up isn’t very gentle on your eyelashes – well that is until today. With this new invention by Garnier, you can remove your eye make up without having to wipe. This summer you can finally go to the beach sporting your favorite waterproof mascara, because when you come home in the evening, you can get it off in no-time! Most of all, you just need one cotton ball to remove your make up and it also fortifies your eyelashes. To good to be true? Tile to test it yourself!” Fullsize 125ml – retail price ‚ā¨4.29 ($5.80)

Evocure – Skin DNA Repair Cream (travelsize 15ml)

” It’s nice to be outside, but those nice¬†sun rays¬†and the air pollution¬†are damaging to the skin. This cream improves the elasticity and tone of your skin and it also hydrates intensely.¬†Evocure also added special molecules that help to repair DNA, after exposure to the sun. Massage in well in the hands, neck and bust, so the cream gets into the skin.” Fullsize 100ml – retail price ‚ā¨39 ($53.20)

Batiste – Dryshampoo (travelsize 50ml)

” In a hurry and your hair needs washing: not a fantastic combination. That’s why dry shampoo is such a practical invention. In three seconds (and without water) you have nice and fresh hair again. This one by Batiste also has nice packaging and a very nice smell and also gives you extra volume. After a long day at the beach you can be out the door to go clubbing in no time! Check!” Travelsize 50ml – retail price ‚ā¨2.03 ($2.70)

Rainpharma – Shower Scrub (travelsize 100ml)

” An aromatherapy shower scrub – anyone wants to try that, no? Surely if you know that there are only reliable ingredients in it. All who scrubs well gets a delicious soft skin in return, and stays tanned for longer. The perfect product to start the evening with a soft skin.” Fullsize 400ml – retail price ‚ā¨21.95 ($30)

This concludes this months unboxing of my Deauty Box. There were also some little samples in the box, but I’ve already used those … bad Bunnie :p I hope next months box is more exciting for me. I know some of you are already jumping in the air for the products that were in now.

Be Happy !!!



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