Deauty Box – April 2014

Hello All 😀

Not a lot of you know I have a subscription to the Belgian beauty box, called Deauty. Deauty stands for Discover Beauty. I have my subscription now for 3 months and the April box is the best box I got so far. Let me show you what was inside 😀


My box always comes in between the 20th and the 25th of the month. For me that’s always an exciting moment. ^^ This month had as theme: Preparing For Summer.


“Lovely, as of April the coldest months have ended and as nice addition there will be a couple of long weekends ahead of us. All who has planned outings will be extra pleased with the travel-size products in the Deauty Box, and we will also make your body ready for summer – short skirts and tiny pants – with some exquisite products. Get started and enjoy!”  

My box of this month contained these products: Redken – Diamond Oil Shampoo, Redken – Diamond Oil Conditioner, Vichy – Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel, Eucerin – Under The Shower Body Lotion, Garnier – Body Tonic Scrub. And as axtra: Power Slim – Ready To Drink Mocha.

As you see the box was pretty cramped full and I was super happy with it! I’ll give the box 7.5/10 for being so filled and useful. Let me give you a small description of the products.

Redken – Diamond Oil Shampoo (travelsize 50ml)

“The Diamond Oil Shampoo is perfect  for dull and damaged hair. Does your hair need a pick-me-up? The natural oils and nourishing, caring active ingredients will give your hair that extra needed gloss and protection. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend … or was it Diamond Oil?” Full size 300ml – retail price €21.85  ($30) 

Redken – Diamond Oil Conditioner (travelsize 30ml)

“Without a doubt, after shampoo comes conditioner. The Diamond Oil Conditioner nourishes and softens the hair immediately and gives a beautiful shine. Tangled and knotted hair is history, thanks to this exquisite product.” Full size 250ml – retail price €23.75 ($33)

Vichy – Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel (travelsize 100ml)

“The Normaderm-line has made a great name for itself. About time everyone got to know this nice cleansing gel, that counteracts pimples, clogged pores and shiny skin. Effective, yet mild – so also for sensitive skin. For those who have minor or no skinproblems (you lucky woman), just keep this gel for emergencies. For a smoother and clearly better skin.” Full size 200ml – retail price €13.35 ($18.50)

Eucerin – Under The Shower Body Lotion (travelsize 50ml)

“Body lotion under the shower? Yes, it’s possible. Eucerin has developed one that is suitable for sensitive skin, that protects against bacteria and other harmful substances, but also counteracts losing moisture. Please note, this is not a 2-in-1 product. First use your favorite shower gel, then apply the In-Shower Body Lotion and lastly rinse. Without parabens, parfum or coloring.” Full size 400ml – retail price €17 ($23.50)  

Garnier – Body Tonic Scrub (fullsize 200ml)

“Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare out lovely limbs for their debut, and this cheery scrub by Garnier always comes in handy. The delicious citrus aroma is ideal to start your day. Have a good scrub; with or without a scrub glove, and you will be left with a silky smooth skin.”  Full size 200ml – retail price €12.50 ($17)

Power Slim – Ready To Drink Mocha (250ml)

“Do you want to lose a few pounds before the start of the bikini season? We do! The Power Slim products can help us with that. You are not meant to eat less, but to eat different, and who tries hard can loose 3 to 5 pounds in a week. Power Slim products are an addition to you normal meals, and this Ready To Drink Mocha give you the opportunity to try this. Good Luck!” Full size 3 x 250ml – retail price €9.50 ($13) 

I hope you enjoyed the review. And I hope next months box will be equally exciting !!!

You can always leave a comment on how you will get your body in shipshape for summer 😀

Be Happy !!!



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